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Record. Send. Track.

All in just a few clicks—it’s just that simple.

Whether you’re looking to set your email marketing apart, differentiate your customer engagement, or empower sales enablement, Covideo’s personalized videos are a brazenly different approach—with unmistakable results!

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The Go-to Video Tool for Businesses

All the features you need to unlock your next level of success, just a few clicks away:

  • Share via email, SMS text, social media, and your CRM
  • Watch real-time analytics
  • Record your screen, yourself, or both—from your computer or smartphone
  • Personalize endlessly with unlimited video storage
  • Host files, organize them on boards, and share easily with links

Video Reply

Allow your recipient to return the favor by enabling our Video Reply feature.

Comments & Reactions

Move beyond just viewership by enabling our Comments & Reactions feature which lets users react to your video through timestamped emojis or custom-field comments.

Branded Landing Pages

Engage your audience with a fully polished touch by building branded landing pages, equipped with customizable call-to-action buttons.

Engage your customers like never before

and get the results that follow.

See Covideo in action for yourself.