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Record. Send. Track.

All in just a few clicks—it’s just that simple.

Finding new ways to increase employee engagement can be a challenging task. With Covideo, personalized videos pique employee interest, and the feature-rich tool provides numerous ways for your team members to interact —from Comments & Reactions to Video Reply and more


The Go-to Video Tool for Businesses

All the features you need to unlock your next level of success, just a few clicks away:

  • Share via email, SMS text, social media, and your CRM
  • Edit and merge new and existing videos
  • Customize your call-to-action buttons
  • Watch real-time analytics
  • Host files, organize them on boards, and share easily with links
  • Integrates with your top tech, including Gmail, Salesforce, Office 365, LinkedIn, and more

Accessibility Features

Our video messaging isn’t just hyper-personalized, it’s also hyper-accessible. With closed captioning, translation, and annotation features, you can ensure your audience engages exactly how they prefer. And with Video Reply, they can correspond just as you have.

Comments & Reactions

Move beyond just viewership by enabling our Comments & Reactions feature which lets users react to your video through timestamped emojis or custom-field comments.

Unlimited, Secure Video Hosting

Your account has unlimited video storage and is safely secured via our SOC2 certification, so you can keep consistently needed training videos (using our screen recorder), policy updates, and more readily available.

Engage your employees like never before

and get the results that follow.

See Covideo in action for yourself.

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