Get a Call Back with Video Voicemail

As we enter a new decade, video is no longer the future – it’s how we communicate in the present. Our social media networks and brand marketing strategies are saturated with video messages, making it one of the primary ways we absorb and retain information. This means that it’s time to switch to a personalized video software so last decade.

The first one up is voicemail.

Leaving a voicemail is an all-too familiar process for sales professionals. Whether it’s a cold call or a check-in with your top client, if no one answers there’s a likely chance you’re going to leave a voicemail. The problem with regular voicemails is that they are impersonal and often ignored. Even if you state your name, the recipient might not make the connection of who you are. They also might not even take the time to listen to the message you left them.

A video voicemail changes that entire process because it puts a face to the name. Faces are easier to recognize than names. If you send a video voicemail to someone you’ve previously met, they will establish a connection from the moment they open your email. If you haven’t met them before, putting yourself front and center establishes a connection and starts building trust.

How to Record a Video Voicemail

Covideo makes it easy because it functions as a video voicemail app. If you call the person you are trying to get in touch with and they don’t answer, reconsider leaving a traditional voicemail. Instead, log into Covideo on your desktop or our mobile app and record your voicemail there. Here are a few important things to include in your video message:

  1. Who you are. Clearly state your name and where you are reaching out from. Adding those identifying details, on top of seeing your smiling face, makes it easier for your recipient to recognize or remember you for next time.
  2. Why you called. In a few  sentences, relay the reason for your call in the video voicemail. This gives the recipient an idea of the topic and level of urgency surrounding the call. Don’t provide too much information – you want to give your recipient a reason to call back!
  3. How to reach you: Finish off your video voicemail with your contact information so they know how to reach you. 

Just like a regular voicemail, it’s okay to make a mistake in your video.

How to Send Your Video Voicemail

Once you have recorded your 30-second visual voicemail, choose the best template for your video. The best templates promote your business clearly, to remind the viewer of your brand. Also, include exit links that lead your viewer to relevant materials of your choice, such as your website, whitepapers, or a calendar link. Once selected, send your video voicemail as an email or a text message.

With a traditional voicemail, you never know if the person has listened to your voicemail. Use Covideo’s tracking feature to know exactly when your visual voicemail was viewed. You will receive a notification the moment your video message is watched, so you know the right time to follow up

With the help of tracking analytics, video voicemails lead to higher engagement and connectivity, saving you time on unnecessary follow ups. Interested in finally leaving your outdated voicemail process behind? Sign up for a free 14-day trial to make video voicemail a part of your new and improved sales process. 

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