5 Tips for Getting Comfortable On Camera

So, you’re hyped about the video. You see the value and you’re excited about the impact it’s going to make on your business. Awesome! Then it comes time to record… All of a sudden you can think of about 100 reasons as to why video isn’t really that great after all. Yes, you are not so camera comfortable.

We get it. And you’re not alone. Getting in front of the camera to record your first personalized video feels intimidating. A daunting task that you feel you need to psych yourself up for. Even the pros here at Covideo had to get over the hump of creating their first video (and we keep them around, just for fun).

But, like everything, practice makes perfect. Once you get the first 5-10 videos under your belt it will begin to come naturally, and before you know it you’re clicking start without thinking twice, recording your message, and getting on with the rest of your day – in under 1-minute flat.

To get you to this spot a bit faster, we wanted to share some of our tips for getting comfortable on camera. WARNING: after reading these you will have no more excuses and will be forced into video-making success.

  1. Relax – Take a deep breath and find a quiet place where you’re alone for your first few takes. Eventually, you’ll be able to record your videos anywhere, anytime. But for beginners, it’s best to eliminate as many obstacles as possible.
  2. Ditch the Script – You’ll be less concerned with getting your lines right if there are no lines to screw up!  Think of creating a video like leaving a voice message. You don’t write a script for them or re-record over and over, right?
  3. Push Through Mistakes – Even if it isn’t the version you end up using, pushing through mistakes to the end of your message will train you to work through fumbles and think on your feet.  Not a fan of your first take? No worries – you can always re-record. But beware of falling into the trap of getting the “perfect take.” It doesn’t exist and it’s a waste of your precious time.
  4. Look At the Camera – Fix your eyes on the camera of your computer or phone, not on yourself. This gives the impression of making eye contact.
  5. Find a Flattering Default – We’re typically more comfortable and confident when we like the way we look. So, for the most flattering video, raise your camera to roughly eye level and frame your head, neck, and shoulders in the view. For the best lighting, make sure the light source is in front of you. Backlighting results in a dark, shadowy appearance.

Lastly, and most importantly, remember that it’s not about being perfect. It’s about being real. Conveying your personality, sincerity, and expertise in an authentic way will open far more doors than a stiff, unanimated version of yourself.

So forget the lights, forget the camera, and take action. Happy recording!

PRO TIP: Not sure where to start? Record and send some thank you videos to existing or previous clients. You’ve already won their trust and their business, and everyone likes to hear that they’re appreciated! We hope this helps you become more camera comfortable.

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