Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

The thought of switching up your daily routine can be terrifying. But overcoming fear is an essential part of personal growth. So, we’re closing up this four week scaredy-cat series with some inspiration to jump out of your comfort zone and experience success.

Beat Burnout

Let’s bring it back to sales. We know that following the same sales process each day becomes very mundane. If you have been or currently work in a sales or business development role, you’ve experienced the monotonous task of phoning and emailing on repeat each day, and each week. It’s a high-stress career, and according to Hubspot, the average annual turnover rate for salespeople is 35% because of the draining circumstances, compared to 13% turnover in other industries. Burnout is all too common in sales. But, trying something new actually has the power to save you from burning out before it’s too late.

Now let’s bring it back to the prospect. I think it’s safe to say the person you’re contacting has received more than a couple cold calls and emails before. Receiving cold calls, emails or the miscellaneous LinkedIn message is just as mind-numbing as making them. The key is to send the prospect something that jumps out at them. 

The Solution

Sending a video email is like a shiny new toy, guaranteed to freshen up the sales process and add some variety to the mix. How you deliver your message is just as, if not more, important than the message itself. While we presume everyone’s received a cold call or email, it’s a different story for video email. 

Implementing video email into your sales strategy is the best way to differentiate yourself from your competition and stand out in the inbox. 

But the number one reason people don’t jump on board – they’re too afraid. 

Whether you’re new to a sales role or having trouble getting in front of the camera to record your first video – we all have fears that hold us back from achieving our goals and reaching our full potential. 

It’s Possible To Achieve

We know facing your fears is always easier said than done, so we’re going to speak on behalf of personal experience. 

Meet McKenzie. She’s a 2019 college graduate who joined our Covideo family immediately after school. Prior to starting at Covideo, McKenzie had zero sales experience and if asked beforehand if she was comfortable recording herself on camera and making phone calls all day, it’s likely she’d say, no thanks. But in a mere 4 months, McKenzie set out for the challenge and quickly became an expert. Watch and listen to her experience to see the value of getting out of your comfort zone.

The Next Step

Think to yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? Rejection? We can guarantee if you’re in a sales role, this will not be the first nor the last time you’ll experience this. 

Are you ready to switch up your sales routine? Stand out in the inbox and boost sales by utilizing video email. 

You’ll never know unless you try. Give Covideo a shot today – free. 

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