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5 Ways To Inject Personality Into Your Email Marketing

If you are on the mission to wow your existing or potential prospects, clients and partners, changing the way you send your emails should be the first battle to win.
Using personalization tools, such as personalized video, should serve you as your primary instruments.

1.  Model a customer persona

A customer persona allows you to build a stable email marketing structure and provides you with much clearer insight into who your customers are.
According to HubSpot, a customer persona is a semi-fictional portrayal of your prototypical customer.
It is based on thorough market research and valuable factual information about your existing clients.
So, how to create one?
Gather all the demographics, behavioral patterns, goals, motivations, and interests your customers have. 
The more detailed your customer persona is, the more stable your strategy will be.
You can also create a “negative” customer persona –  a portrayal of what you don’t want as a customer.
Having a deeper insight into such data will give you the knowledge of where to put more effort, how much time should you spend, how to conduct product development, and what sort of content to provide.
Creating a buyer persona will eventually enable you to attract more new visitors, leads, and customers.

2.  Email list segmentation

If you’re thriving to increase the benefits of email personalization, you should opt for using email list segmentation.
Not everyone you have (or wish to have) as a customer is interested in the same thing, so find a way to serve them with what they resonate the best.
With creating diverse segmented lists, you’ll be able to easily create engaging and stimulating content for all of your desired audiences.
To create a segmented list with valuable contacts, you’ll need to collect information via signup forms. Create signup forms for subscribing to your blog, newsletters or any updates your product might develop.
The data you will gather consists of their professional interests, geo-location, age, gender, and similar.
For example, if you’re in the real estate business and your target audience consists of married couples from 25-35 years old, who are searching for their perfect first home, creating an email segmentation list will help you develop a list of all who match that criteria.
Having the email list segmentation offers you an excellent opportunity to send emails that are engaging, compelling, and provide valuable information.

3. Personalize the subject line

Once you’ve completed the email list segmentation into your email marketing tactics, you can proceed with the rest of the personalization efforts.
A personalized email displays your interest in your customers and lets them know you pay attention to them.
MarketingSherpa discovered a percentage of 41% open rates increase when using a personalized subject line.
If you call your customers by their name, if you pay attention to their objectives, and strive to meet their goals at the right time and place, there will be feedback.
Personalized email with someone’s first name included in the subject line will let them feel like you’re speaking directly to them.
However, just including the name in the subject line won’t do enough; make sure that the subject line is sweet, short, and captivating.
Don’t let it go over more than 20-30 characters.

4. Personalized video message

Using personalized video in prospecting, building relationships with customers and cold-sales had resulted with better ROI, high open rates, and more completed registrations.

Why is that?
Firstly, personalized video creates a human, person-to-person connection.
Therefore, your recipients will feel like your world is revolving just around them.
So, if you’re on the SaaS sales team and you want to reach out to your potential lead properly, send them a personalized video in your cold email.
You’ll grasp their attention, motivate them to check out what you offer, and encourage them to continue the conversation.
Learn how to deliver a great video message
Include the word “video” in your personalized subject line and additionally boost your open rates.
Add a CTA – make them open your blog or a specific landing page.
And last, but not the least, make the design of your personalized video email user – friendly.
Make the body of your email all around the video, place a play button on the thumbnail, and if possible, customize it.
For example, Covideo offers you a personalized, branded template for every video message you send out.
It can represent your company and products, or designed to celebrate special occasions, like birthday wishes or holidays.

5. Measure the success

After you’ve started creating your fresh, personalized email marketing game, you’ll need to measure your progress and find out if there is some fruit of your labor to enjoy.
Before the actual measuring, make sure you’ve:

  • fixed a long term goal
  • constructed your target audience
  • defined key metrics

Agree on what objectives you want to achieve.
Conversions that resulted from a personalized email could be the new blog/ newsletter subscribers, new reservations, downloads, landing page visits or free trial completions.
Also, take care of your site metrics, such as traffic, time spent on your web page, bounce rate, etc.
The best tool for measuring site metrics is Google Analytics.
Keeping up-to-date with metrics allows you the possibility of further improvement.
Above all,  a comprehensive approach to the analytics offers you the chance to optimize your content, modify the strategy, or change the tone of voice if necessary.

To sum up:

In conclusion, using personalized email messages in your email marketing strategy is a repetitive and iterative process.
It requires a bit of experimentation, creativity, and the possibility to adapt.
That’s why it’s so good in the long run.
As a result, you’ll become more keen in recognizing your valued target audience, what works best for them, and how to offer what you have in the best way possible.
For more detailed guidance on how to properly use personalized video in your email marketing strategy, get in touch with our Covideo team.
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