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“During Hurricane Harvey we video communicated with our customers”

Gregg Blanchard started his Allstate Agency in 2007, achieved Rookie of the year status and has qualified for Circle of Champions for Allstate Insurance 9 years running. Before starting his insurance agency, he was the owner of a highly successful Real Estate franchise in South Florida. He has been a passionate Covideo user for two years and a true believer in video usage in the insurance industry.

The first Covideo

The first time Gregg Blanchard heard about Covideo was when he was shopping for a new car. In the process, he got a Covideo message from his car salesman. That was when he realized that video is a great communication medium: “It was a very customized video I had never seen before. It’s so unique and different.” Gregg adds that the great thing about the video is its power to connect on the other side. It’s not a surprise the video is getting more and more popular – people are so used to videos and online interactions.

Video saves the day

Video is much more than a convenient tool for effective communication. It helps during bad times as well. During Hurricane Harvey, Gregg’s company used video to communicate with their customers. Excellent communication skills are crucial in situations like this. Moreover, they can decrease a certain amount of damage that would happen due to lack of information.

Video before text

“A lot of times when I’m trying to answer questions about coverages, I don’t like to sit and type. For me, it is easier to record a video and send it to a customer. Up to 99 % of people we do business with don’t even know how we look like.”

Video is a great tool when connecting with clients. It lets them experience that human touch in communication. Gregg loves that Covideo has this amazing ability to see when and how many times people watch the video. This information can help you better market and target your customers. Check out Gregg Blanchard’s advice on how to use video in your business:

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