Here are the video marketing trends for 2016

The new year is upon us! Looking at 2015 in the rear view mirror it’s plain to see how much video marketing has grown. As a marketing tool video is no longer used to raise awareness only. Best marketers in the game use it to educate prospective clients and customers, boost conversion rates, enhance lead scoring and it’s incredibly engaging too.
The marketing community’s got really comfortable with video and it’s widely being used to increase the demand. Video marketing has become a force larger than life so it’s OK to get excited about its growth. Now’s the right time to take a look at the potential video marketing trends for 2016.
From passive to interactive
Any decent marketing effort can be considered a two-way street. The increase in the use of interactive videos last year was immense and it propelled two-way conversations with the online audience. But that’s merely a scratch on the surface of video marketing’s potential. This year the concept of interactive videos will be taken to a whole new level as marketers start to embed surveys, forms and other types of interactive elements. The main goal behind this is to engage viewers, make them feel like they are a part of the story and that raises interest.
Remember those “choose your own adventure” books you read as a kid? That concept will be available for marketing videos too. The viewers will be able to pick their own journey through content without searching for different content assets. It will be interesting to see how marketers are going to build an interactive experience which complements the video and doesn’t detract from the videos experience.
Personal level
Personalization is probably one of the most used words when it comes to digital marketing. And rightfully so because personalizing both the content and the content journey can work wonders. Videos are really effective in marketing but tailoring them to a specific person can be the next step. Now it is possible to present the viewers’ name, a photo from LinkedIn or the company logo in certain videos and that creates an aura of familiarity for the viewer.
Breathing new life into email marketing
Although it’s still a relevant marketing tool the email is on a downward spiral. Everyone and their mother is still receiving a ton of marketing emails but the click-through rates are falling. Adding a video to marketing emails has proven to be highly effective in boosting engagement in email marketing campaigns.
The last year study from GetResponse has proven that of one billion emails found those containing video had a 96% higher click-through rate than those without, and those numbers blow up to 200% – 1500% when you add personalized 1-to-1 videos in the mix. It’s safe to say that video will keep reviving email marketing in 2016.
Everyone knows that you can funnel any kind of content through videos. Organizations and individuals with their hand on the pulse are already getting strategic with how they use video and you should jump on the bandwagon too before it’s too late.

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