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Video messaging for
admissions teams

Increase yield and fight melt by transforming your outreach through the power of personalized video.


Create connection
from first outreach to final deposit

Record, send, and track personalized video messages.
Deliver via email, SMS text, chat, social media, or your CRM directly to your prospective students.

Personalize and humanize

Let’s face it: applying to any community college, university, technical school, or graduate program can be a daunting task. By connecting a face with a name and customizing your outreach to applicants, your team is able to build trusting, meaningful relationships from the start. This allows you to demystify the admissions process and reinforce your role as a trusted advisor..

Our simple Record > Send > Track method makes it easy and efficient to leverage video throughout the entire sales cycle.

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Meet students
where they are

College and university admissions teams are leveling up their outreach to cater to a new generation of learners by speaking to them in their preferred language: video. Video continues to be the preferred method of communication for Gen Z, sizably outpacing all other mediums. These efforts to adapt lead to increased connections, conversations, and – ultimately – conversions.

Discover industry insights for recruiting prospective students using video by speaking with one of our higher education experts today.

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Stave off melt

Increased applications and acceptances only gets you so far. In order to meet your yield goals in the fall, you’ll need to fight off the dreaded melt of summer. Use video to nurture relationships with incoming students and leave a memorable impression that lasts from acceptance to orientation.

Discover more practical tactics, use cases, and best practices with our eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Outreach for Higher Education with Personalized Video.

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Top Use Cases

College and university admissions teams leverage Covideo throughout the entire recruitment cycle to increase connections, conversations, and conversions.

  • Send personalized intros and follow-ups
  • Blast out engaging invitations and reminders
  • Share exciting news with video acceptance letters
  • Conduct virtual tours of campus and facilities
  • Create a library of videos for FAQs
  • Answer in-depth questions (like FAFSA filing) with screensharing