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How a Small Business on a Budget Can Get Started With Video Marketing

We’ve all read and seen just how powerful video marketing is, but is it the only tool that a small business on a budget needs?
Startups and small businesses are facing more competition than ever before.
Small business owners typically have a local audience, they wear multiple hats, and they often work more than 40 hours per week. Trying to compete in a noisy and cluttered environment is a tough task.
By including videos in your marketing strategy, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Rank higher in search
  • Show up more on social media
  • Boost email click-through-rates
  • Increase the understanding of your product
  • Build a stronger brand image
  • Tell a more compelling story
  • Increase conversions
  • Create awesome content in a short amount of time

Now that you know the perks small businesses can enjoy by using video, you’ll need to learn how to use the medium. The heart and soul of marketing and client acquisition is awesome content. However, you don’t need a big budget to get excellent results.
So, how can a small business on a budget get started with video marketing? Start with videos that will have the largest impact on your company.
With that in mind, here are 7 types of videos your business should have in its video marketing library to start making great impressions.

Introduce yourself

Tell your audience who you are!
The combination of visual and auditory stimulation make topics easier to understand. Not to mention, way more memorable.
Try including a video on your website homepage that gives visitors a brief overview of what you do and what problems you solve for customers. This tactic is much more effective than trying to cram all of that information into the first paragraph of your homepage.
Here’s a great example of an introductory video:

Describe what you do

This is where you get down to the details. In addition to an introductory video, you’ll often need a little more description to win your audience over. Behold: The Product Explainer Video.
If you record only one video, make it a product explainer video. Think about the last time you visited someone’s site and asked yourself, “What the heck does this business actually do?” This is the last impression you want to leave on potential customers, which is why you need to record a product explainer video.
These videos should educate customers about your product while also providing a certain degree of entertainment. A few detailed videos that explain what your product does or the different services that you offer is a great way to help your audience decide to buy.

Use the power of testimonials

Get people who love your product on camera, now!
Some businesses tend to shy away from collecting testimonials. What they don’t realize is that they only need a couple of solid testimonials in their content library to see the impact they can make.
Begin by interviewing long-term, loyal, customers that have seen concrete results from using your product. Because building trust can often be a tricky part of marketing a small business, an effective testimonial video can help you create lasting relationships.
Video testimonials help potential clients feel more confident about your small business as well as your product. Take a look at this example:

After watching this video, the viewer has a better understanding of what the customer enjoys most about Covideo and how it has impacted their business.

Share your company culture

Everyone has heard about company culture, but what about culture content?
This is content that shows who makes up your business and what you guys are all about.
Although you might think that this type of content is irrelevant, buyers really do care. They want to know exactly who they’re buying from, even if this is a subconscious desire.
So show yourself off! Include some clips of daily life at the office or chats with people on your team. People are curious and want to see some of the behind-the-scenes details – be open with them!

Tell them how it all started

Share your company creation story! This is particularly relevant for small businesses.
Many people are interested in how the small business they work with or buy from was founded. People also love stories.
By sharing how your small business got started and your motivation for starting the company, you’ll be able to instantly connect and build trust with your audience.

Say “thank you”

Loyalty is crucial to sustaining your business.
If you want your customers to stick around, you have to let them know that you appreciate them. Make them feel like more than just a number by sending them an occasional reminder that you’re thankful for their business!
A “thank you” video does not have to be super high quality, it’s the message that means the most.

Use video interviews to spread the word

Interview partners or influencers in your industry to help educate your audience. By chatting with other marketers and learning about how they’re using video in their own business is inspiring!
Ask them to share the interview on their site or social media too. By tagging you, they’ll be spreading your company’s name to all of their followers and beyond. Even if your videos don’t go viral, the more eyes that see it, the better.

Video success for small businesses

When you work for a small business, resources and time might not always be of abundance. Video is a tried and true channel for marketing your small business, that’s why we recommend getting started with these 7 types of videos. By doing so, you’ll be on your way to building a reputable and buzz-worthy business!
Start building trust, credibility and long-term relationships with your customers by signing up for a 14 day free trial risk free!

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