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How Are You Promoting Your Company Culture?

Do you know how people perceive your company?

Are you promoting an image that really matches your company’s culture?

If not, it’s time to make some changes.

Your company culture matters more than you think because customers and potential employees are paying attention. If you are looking for new talent, be aware that more and more applicants are putting their main focus on finding the right company culture fitted for them. One company culture doesn’t suit all, and nearly 80 percent of millennials put more focus on company fit than career potential. When workers don’t fit in, they often lose motivation. This is when they’re likely to switch to an organization that may pay less, but shares their values. A good way to promote your company culture is through video, that can easily display the people, benefits, and environment a company has to offer.

Video has the power to show the experience and expectations your candidate will get if they choose your company.

How can I show my company culture?

Companies vary a lot and take different approaches when creating their company culture video. Some companies use their video as a way to broadcast what the company does as a whole. These videos demonstrate the values they bring to employees or customers. Otherwise, the ones currently gaining popularity online are “A day in the office” videos. These kinds of videos have proved to most successfully tell the story of what a candidate can expect when working at that company. Wouldn’t you prefer to see your future day in that company instead of someone talking about business performance?

Check out this blog post for tips on recording an awesome company culture video.

“Day in the office” video

When recording your “Day in the office video”, there are a couple of things that you should consider.

By injecting humor into your videos, you will create a positive image that you want your viewer to experience. Your audience is more likely to remember you not because of what your company does, but rather how you made them feel. If your video doesn’t pack much of an emotional punch, your job candidate won’t find a way to feel welcome in your company’s environment. Make sure to shape your video by highlighting the company’s main characteristics. Many companies like to include employee testimonials. But, instead of telling your growth story, show your audience what working for the company actually looks like.

You should take advantage of the power of video to show it the right way.

Check out the short video example below and see if this is how you can imagine your workday!

For more inspiration, read our blog on the 3 videos your company should have in their content library!

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