“Spam” can be a four-letter word, particularly in the sales world. But spam filters are in place for a reason: to weed out irrelevant emails – and who among us doesn’t appreciate that? So step #1: makes sure your emails have relevant content that is specific and targeted for the intended receiver. Beyond that, here are some of the top tips for avoiding spam filters and getting your emails opened:

1. Avoid spam-y words/symbols/formatting

Ixnay on free, !!!!, ALL CAPS, multi-colored font, etc. Here’s a really comprehensive blog post that delves into spam filter red flags.

2. Personalized the subject line

Always try to use the receiver’s name or at least identify that the email is specific to them based on their needs, interests, etc.

3. Incorporate the word “video” into the subject

This only applies if you actually have a video in your email (and you should!). Using the word “video” to indicate this will help increase your open rates by 19%. But ALWAYS be sure to include a least one line of copy along with your Covideo (sending images without text will all but guarantee the email will be sent to spam).

4. Make subject lines compelling, but indicative of what’s inside

Subject lines don’t have to be drab, but the “bait and switch” subject line will do nothing but annoy the recipient. If you have to resort to this tactic to get your emails opened, odds are high that the content is not up to snuff. Back to the drawing board because content is KING! We love this post on tweaks you can make to the most popular subject lines.

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