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How To Be A Good Car Salesman

So you want to learn how to become the best key slinger in town?

You got your commission check last month and thought, “I need to learn how to sell more cars.” Well, luckily, I have just the car sales tips to make you go from a dealership zero to a dealership hero.

Let’s explore some car sales tips to take your strategies from good, to better, and to best.

How to be a good car salesman

The first step in your brief car sales training should be the easiest of all of my tips. The key to selling nowadays is just to be a genuine person. Yep, it’s that easy!

Be mindful of your customer’s perspective and experience. Don’t be pushy and be respectful because buying a car is a big decision and takes time. That alone will make you a good salesperson. But learning how to be a great car salesman, you have to go above and beyond just being mindful and respectful to your customers.

How to be a great car salesman

I have found that what sets a good salesperson from a great salesperson is the content they put into the world. Now you might have just said, “what content?” and that’s precisely what I mean! You have to make videos for each of your customers! Post videos on social media, send walkaround videos, let people know when a special is happening with a video.

Whatever information you have that can help you get a car out the door is information that could be made into a video.

Okay, so you’re now a great car salesman, your numbers are up, and you’re feeling good, but something is still missing. You always want to know how to be the best car salesman in town.

Let’s go over some simple ways to get better at those videos we spoke about before.

How to be the best car salesman

Use a whiteboard or iPad, and put your customer’s name on it, so they know the video was made just for them in the thumbnail.

Make sure to start your videos with a smile and narrate through your walkarounds, keep them engaged while also keeping it less than a minute. And lastly, don’t try to be perfect.

You’re not an actor, so no one will expect Brad Pitt when you send them a video, throw the script out of the window, and treat it like a voicemail.

Sell more cars today with video

Want to know what the best tool to use to get those videos out to the world is? Covideo, of course! Send your customers introductions when an internet lead comes in, record car walkaround, or ask for referrals after the purchase! Video is the best avenue to personalize the car buying experience, get more prospects on the lot, and closing more deals.

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