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Tips on how to be a good car salesman

Learn how to get more leads into the dealership, sell more cars, and become a successful car salesman with these top car sales tips.

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Sell more cars with video messaging

It’s time to enhance the car buying experience with video – stand out from your competition, bring more buyers into your dealership, and increase car sales.

What is Covideo?

Covideo is the go-to video platform for dealerships used to easily record, send and track personalized video messages – from the initial lead follow up to car walkarounds and the final vehicle-sold “thank you.”

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Build trust from the start

Don’t send the same generic lead response that other dealerships are sending. Beat out the competition and make a good first impression by responding to internet leads with a video email or text introducing yourself and your dealership. Or, record car walkarounds offering customers a 360 ̊ video of a particular vehicle, highlighting special features, color and condition.

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Keep buyers engaged

Eliminate no-shows by notifying your leads with personalized video email and let them know you’re looking forward to their upcoming appointment. Or, send a customized follow-up to “be-backs”, get them back in the door, and regain their business. Going the extra mile and providing excellent customer service builds customer confidence and your rapport.

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Provide superior service

Eliminate the doubt surrounding service repairs. Use video to build trust and transparency with verified, recommended repairs. Offering excellent service will keep people coming back and generate customer referrals.

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How To Be A Good Car Salesman

Whether you’re a veteran car salesman or you’re new to the job, your goal is obviously to do more than just start working at a car dealership. You don’t want to learn how to be a car salesman. You want to learn how to be a great car salesman – one that has no problem increasing appointments, show rates, engagement, sales and beyond.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into everything you need to know about becoming a car salesman on your own terms. You’ll provide you with some top tips to enhance your car sales skills and keep you up to date on what you need to do to embrace car salesman tactics in the digital age.

Obviously, the best practices of automotive sales training have changed a lot over the last year, what with the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures that are still in place. There has been a significant shift towards buying cars online, because that’s okay – this is nothing if not an opportunity just waiting to be taken advantage of by savvy car salesmen like yourself.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant shift in consumer behaviors brought on by a perception of shady salespeople, being pressured at the dealership and more. Buying a car is a significant investment and it’s always an emotional purchase, so it’s important for you to understand that the best strategy always starts with improving the car buying experience and tailoring it to each buyer who walks through the door.

With that in mind, this article will cover our tip tips and strategies on how to be the best care salesman you can be, selling more cars month after month for the foreseeable future.

How to Become a Car Salesman

In general, the process of becoming a car salesman usually begins with car sales training 101. At a bare minimum, you should work to stay up to date on all of the latest tactics so you’re in a better position to use them to your advantage.

You should always do a great deal of research, for example, to see what requirements certain dealerships have before you choose one to start working with one. This isn’t just a great way to make an ideal first impression among your new colleagues – it’s a way to hit the ground running on building the type of career you’ve always seen for yourself.

Sales and Marketing Ideas for Car Salesman

As previously mentioned, the car buying process is changing dramatically. Car dealerships always have to keep up with the wants and demands of consumers so that they can service those needs in the most organic way possible. Because of that, the process of “how to sell a car at a dealership” can now be summed up in one simple yet critical word: video.

By far, video is the most important part of not only the car sales process, but for car sales prospecting and car sales lead generation in general. Not only is it a great way to incentivize those car sales leads to actually set foot in your dealership, but it’s also a perfect chance to stand out from your competitors and really elevate your dealership marketing across the board.

Many dealerships have always used car sales lead generation tools to help address how to get more customers as a car salesman, but they have trouble converting those leads into sales and customers. A video tool like Covideo can help you accomplish precisely that because it’s designed for dealerships and is built to help convert leads into traffic by sending personalized videos as a part of your car sales marketing efforts.

Covideo is a tool designed for car salesmen like yourself that allows you to record, send and even track video messages. You can use it for introductions when a lead comes in, for example, along with follow ups, car walkarounds, thank you’s and more. The reason it’s such a successful tool is because it lets you stand out from your competitors, personalizing and humanizing the car sales process in a way that makes it far more comfortable and convenient for the buyer.

Not only can you send personalized video emails, but you can also see live videos of a car from home – allowing people to get all of the information they want without putting themselves in harm’s way during the pandemic.

This is a perfect chance to make a great first impression, to build trust, to keep buyers engaged and more. Truly, it’s these “small” aspects of the process that allow you to create some key wins for your dealership. Investing in an affordable yet powerful video tool like Covideo always pays off in the long run – especially when it comes to raising your car salesman salary!

Using Video in the Car Sales Process

But even going beyond the examples outlined above, there are a wide range of car video ideas that you can use as a part of your larger car dealer strategies. The process of how to be the best car salesman you can be and for how to sell more cars always runs through video – from the first interaction to saying “thank you” after you sold the car.

When you sign up with Covideo, your dealership will receive a free dedicated Covideo support member who will train your team and help make sure you’re using all of the best car selling techniques on a daily basis. They will show you the ropes on how to get the most out of video and will train you on how to sell more cars. Here are just a few of the car video ideas that our existing dealerships are working with daily:

First Response to Internet Leads Videos

This is a chance to really introduce yourself and your dealership to make a lasting, personalized impression.

Vehicle Walkarounds
What better way to get someone excited than with a 360 degree walkaround of a particular vehicle? You can showcase special features, colors, the condition and more. This is a great way to showcase additional inventory on the lot.

Appointment Reminders
You can also send video reminders of an upcoming appointment, which is a great way to increase show rates. This is your chance to relay any additional information that may be necessary, like all of the COVID-19 precautions that you have in place.

Unsold Follow Up
This is your opportunity to earn a prospect’s business by sending a personalized follow up video email asking if they are still searching for a brand new car.

Customer Thank Yous
Never let yourself forget that a relationship doesn’t stop after a deal has been done. Continue to build that relationship by sending a personalized message and by asking for any referrals.

Best Practices and Tips on Selling a Car

Having said all of that, there are still a number of car salesman tips to get customers that you should be aware of moving forward. Keep these car salesman tricks in mind not only while you’re creating your videos, but throughout the entire car sales process.

In general, just remember to personalize your message and the experience whenever you can. This is huge because these days, sites like Carvana allow customers to do basically everything on their own. But what they can’t get online is that personalized in-person experience, which is why leaning into that is very important.

You can also use additional car sales tips to help hit the ground running, like:

  • Make eye contact. Always look directly at the camera, not the screen.
  • Pay attention to lighting. Always make sure a light source is in front of you.
  • Maintain engagement. Keep those vehicle walkarounds under two minutes in length and all other videos under one minute.
  • Record horizontally. Especially when recording vehicle walkarounds, flip your phone and record horizontally to get more of the car into the frame.
  • Throw out the script. Don’t rehearse too much or it will come off impersonal. Work on sounding authentic and causal.
  • Don’t let mistakes stop you. Little imperfections show that you’re human, which makes you even more relatable.
  • Include calls to action. This will really drive someone to take that next step.

Car Sales Email Templates to Get Started

Overall, dealerships win when video is adopted as a standard tool within their process and it as used as a natural part of a larger strategy. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry – we have a free eBook filled with car sales email templates and car sales email examples that you can use.

Sending video emails is a great way to stand out from your competition and to get the lead to choose your dealership. That’s why the best email template for car sales always performs over and over again.

And That’s How to Be a Good Car Salesman!

In the end, if you want to learn how to sell more cars and how to be a successful car salesman, you need to embrace the power of video with open arms. It’s more important today than ever before with social restrictions in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s an investment that will continue to pay dividends for years to come, too – all because it’s your ticket to increasing leads, show rates, sales and most importantly creating those lifelong customers you need.


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