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Here’s How to Email Large Videos

How to Email Large Videos 

Video files, in general, are very large and take up a lot of space. This leaves a lot of professionals searching, “how to send a large files video email attachment”. Attaching a video to an email is very difficult because the file size is too large for the email. Most times an email with a video attachment won’t get sent, and even if it does get delivered to the recipient, the email will most likely get flagged as SPAM. Instead of emailing large files, you can add a video to Google Drive or other hosting sites. From there you can learn how to share large video files with a SPAM-looking link. It’s safe to say if you really want to know the secret to how to send a large video through email, you’ll need a video emailing platform.

Regardless if you’re using Mailchimp, Gmail, Outlook, or Hubspot, a video messaging platform will help you embed a video in an email, texts, and CRMs. Covideo is a video messaging software that will show you how to send large videos via email. Professionals no longer need to waste time searching for tutorials on how to send large files over the internet. Here’s how Covideo simplifies video messaging and enhances your business communication.

Use Covideo to Email Large Video Files

Covideo helps generate content and video analytics to help business professionals strategize their communication. Covideo also saves professionals the time and energy spent looking up “how to compress a video for email” or “how to email a video that is too large”.

When you use Covideo you’re not losing your video’s quality nor the ability to adapt to different devices. Covideo’s software transcodes any video that is uploaded or recorded in the software. Instead of reducing the number of bits in a video image. Transcoding ensures the video will playback on all devices and browsers. On top of that, we maintain the original resolution of the video up to 1080p.

At Covideo, we understand that data is critical in the modern seller’s world. So when a video message is sent from the Covideo software, sales reps will get insights on when their video was viewed, who viewed it, and how much of the video was viewed. In addition to viewer analytics, Covideo lets you create and schedule in-depth user reports. Within your Covideo account, you have the ability to create and schedule in-depth reports on your users. These reports will give you a variety of information on how they are using their accounts. The information from these reports can help strategize your next follow-up, marketing campaign, or outreach strategy. 

How to Email Video Files That Fits Your Industry

A video email is a perfect way to express yourself when a plain-text message isn’t enough. If you’re not sure how to send someone a long video then using a video email platform will help simplify that process. There’s always a time when a professional feels like the email they’re writing is just adding more confusion than providing clarity. Maybe you’re a support rep trying to give instructions or a sales rep answering your prospect’s objections. A video is a perfect solution when you don’t have the words to express your thoughts. You can record yourself and your screen to create a personalized presentation A video platform does more than show you how to send videos that are too large for email or how to send large video files by email. 

How to Send Large Files Through Gmail

Embedding a video in Gmail is possible through our Covideo Gmail Extension. All our extensions, including the Gmail add-in, are easy and straightforward to use. For our Gmail Extension, after you’ve recorded a video, you just need to open up a composed email in Gmail and click on the “add video” option. Once your video library opens up, you can pick a landing page and call-to-action buttons to go along with your video. After interesting an autoplay video in Gmail is generated! Our process is much easier than using a hosting site. How to send a video through Gmail is often just plain URL. Covideo allows you to add an animated snapshot so your email is far more trustworthy and lets you put a face to the name. With other hosting sites, like Google Drive, you have to rely on a URL or hope the recipients click on a hyperlinked “click here”. 

You can look up how to send large files via Gmail without google drive, but this will just take them to an untrackable, plain google drive. Through a Covideo, you will get notified when a recipient watched a video and get access to landing pages. A custom video landing page can present your message with your company’s branding, your contact information, and any calls-to-actions you add. It’s basically like a digital business card! Your viewers can explore your landing page and get the information they need all in one spot. Sounds too good to be true? Well, luckily Covideo offers a 14-day free trial—no credit card needed! 

For those that want to know how to send large files through Outlook, they can use our Covideo Outlook add-in. You can use Covideo’s Outlook Add-in to record and embed a video in an Outlook email all within your Outlook desktop app. This lets you seamlessly share and track your video messages, so now you don’t need to wonder if your message was received.

How to Send Videos From iPhone to Email

The beauty of a smartphone, is that we have access to a built in camera, phone, calendar, gaming system, tv, – you name it – all available at our fingertips. While the benefits of a smartphone far outweigh the cons, transferring files from one device to a next tends to be a bit of a headache. For the purpose of this article, we’ll keep the focus on sending videos and video files. Now first, if you’re looking to transfer large video from iPhone to Mac, the simplest way to do so is through Airdrop. This feature only works between Apple devices and is a convenient way to share images, pictures, and files. However, this is a bluetooth feature, and therefore only works when the devices are close to each other. So if you’re wondering how to send a video through email from a phone, Airdrop will not work. Don’t fret, we’ll cover an alternative solution.  

If you’re looking for a simple solution on how to send large video files through email from you iphone or android, Covideo is your best option. With Covideo’s mobile app for iPhone and Android, you can record videos on the go using your phone or upload them from your phone’s library. When you’re ready to send your videos via email, you have two options. Here’s how to email a large video file from iPhone using the Covideo app:

  1. Emailing from Covideo: If you want to email your videos directly from the Covideo app, first locate the video you want to send. Below the video click “Email.” Type in the recipients email, a subject, and a short message. You can customize your landing page and calls-to-actions as well. When you’re ready, click send and your video email will be sent! 
  2. Copying and pasting: If you prefer to copy and paste your video into your personal email platform or through your CRM, that is an option too. First, find the video you want to copy. In the toolbar below the video, click “CRM.” Click the orange button that says “Copy CRM Code.” Go to the application or webpage you want to paste it into, and click paste.

How to Send Large Video Files From Android

First, if you’re wondering how to send large videos from iPhone to Android, the method above will work regardless of your phone carrier or email platform! That’s the beauty of Covideo, it truly is so simple and makes sending videos a breeze. If you are using an Android device for recording and sending videos from your phone and want to know how to send large videos on android, just follow the same steps above. When sending videos on an Android through the Covideo app, you are still able to email them directly through the Covideo platform, or you can copy and paste the video into your CRM, Gmail, Outlook, text message – really whatever you prefer! With Covideo, you’ll never have to google or worry about how to send large videos on android again. We’ve got you covered!

Send Video via Email with Covideo’s Free Trial

Alright, so we’ve covered just about everything on large video files and how to send videos that are too big for email. Now, all that’s left is to help you get started! 

As mentioned, if you’re looking for a simple solution for emailing large video files, try out Covideo today for free. With Covideo’s free trial, you’ll get instant access to all our standard features and will be able to upload, record, send and track video emails within minutes! Try it out for 14 days, no credit card required! 

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