How To Overcome Being Camera Nervous

Personalization, personalization, personalization… are you slowly getting tired of hearing this word used in describing marketing and sales approaches?

But even though we hear it that often, marketers still got a point – personalization is a well-known strategy to sales success. And what better way to personalize your sales approach than with video? This is why recording videos is becoming a must, but unfortunately, people still can’t overcome the discomfort of recording themselves.

As human beings, we are often critical towards ourselves or afraid of overly critical reviews of our work, and many times this is what’s stopping us from achieving our goals. But in a world where video is taking over the Internet, and business is all about personalization, it’s essential to overcome camera nervousness and to be confident.

Try implementing the ideas below and start building stronger relationships with your existing and potential customers through video!

1. Break the ice

As the saying goes: “If you never try, you’ll never know.” This perfectly applies to the ones who just don’t feel comfortable with new technology and recording themselves. Try it, once, twice, three times…your future videos will only become easier to record from here.

2. Put on your public appearance

You interact with people every day, especially at your workplace. If you are comfortable speaking to people in public situations, remember, speaking in a camera is not that different. So if your appearance is acceptable for face-to-face business interactions, you are ready to record!

3. Focus on your message

We agree that it might be weird to talk to an inanimate object and this might make it difficult to get the words out the way we want them to. If you can’t find a way to help you focus, ask a co-worker or friend to sit on the other side of the camera. After a few takes by yourself, you will already find yourself visualizing another person while talking.

4. Be yourself at all times

Don’t exaggerate with professional terms that you originally wouldn’t use, and focus more on making your message as clear as possible. So make sure that you use words that you feel most comfortable with. Above all, show your natural enthusiasm and realize most people will focus on your message, not your hairstyle.

5.Progress, not perfection

Remember, nobody is perfect on video and no video is perfect. So stop being so hard on yourself. We at Covideo like to advise each other to be relaxed just as if you’re talking to your grandmother. And it actually works!

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