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How to Record with Covideo

By: Olivia Slade-Silovic | February 20th, 2018

There are many options on how to record with Covideo. It really depends on what you prefer and what’s most convenient for you at the moment. Everyone has different preferences – some prefer recording with their phone, professional camera, and others with an integrated PC camera or webcam. You can even choose to upload an existing video that you wish to share through the Covideo platform or app.


Recording with the desktop recorder

If you want to record and send a video quickly, the Covideo Desktop Recorder is easy and fun for every PC or Mac user. After you download it, just click on the Covideo Desktop Recorder icon to record your video which you will be able to email directly to your recipients or save to your Covideo library for additional sending and sharing options. You can even record up to 60 minutes per video! Watch the video below to get a better insight on how our desktop recorder works.

Web-based recorder

Covideo’s back office provides you with an option to record videos once you’ve logged into your account. With Covideo’s web-based recorder, it’s easy to create as many new videos as you want. Just press on the ‘Record’ button in your sidebar on the left, where all the options are placed. A window will appear where you can see yourself and can easily start recording whenever you feel ready.


After you recorded your video, you will have four options. You can preview your video if you press on the green ‘Play’ button. By pressing the blue ‘Save’ button, your video will be saved in your Covideo library. All your videos are saved in the library from where you can easily send them to your contacts later. Right next to the ‘Save’ icon is another blue icon for sending your video via email. The last option is to delete your video by pressing the red ‘Recycle bin’ icon. After clicking on any of the options mentioned above, you will have to enter the video title. It’s up to you to decide what to do with your video after recording!


Recording with Covideo Capture

This feature allows you to record yourself and your screen all at once. Now, you can walk your recipients through the ins and outs of presentations, projects, and proposals. If you still don’t feel comfortable with recording yourself, you can simply record your voice with the screen by disabling the webcam. Mouse click animation allows the audience to easily follow along step by step. Above all, these emails are saved directly to your Covideo library for easy emailing and tracking.

Covideo for Outlook add-in

After the Outlook Add-in installation, a Covideo toolbar is integrated directly into your Outlook account. From here you can record and send videos without switching from one system to another. You can respond immediately to incoming emails with easy access to your saved videos and the options of managing your templates and exit links within the system. With access to real-time analytics, you can even track who and how often someone watched your video. 

Existing and Professionally Produced Videos

If you previously recorded or produced videos that are ready for sending and sharing, simply log in to your Covideo account and upload them to your Covideo Library. Uploading existing videos is available through the mobile app as well. Each video uploaded through the “Upload Videos” option can be up to 5 GB in size. 

Covideo’s mobile application

If you are on the move or want to capture certain moments on-the-go, the mobile app is a great and easy tool for recording with your smartphone (iOS or Android). The fun part about it is the option of pausing and switching from front to rear-facing camera. Last,  you can send your video via email, SMS, upload it to your Covideo library. You can even just copy the link and share it wherever you want. Our straightforward, user-friendly mobile app makes capturing videos a breeze. 


Finally, it’s time to stop writing and start recording with Covideo!


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