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How to send a follow up email that’s effective

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How To Send A Follow Up Email

How to send a follow up email may seem like a no brainer, but it actually should take more thought than many give it now. We`ll cover everything you need to know before you click send. A follow up email can either be effective or useless because inboxes are flooded with content. Many professionals are busy more often than not which requires businesses to send multiple follow ups and check in when they have not heard back from the recipient. A business follow up email typically has a purpose to them like converting leads, closing more sales ops, or finding out information. Remember the following when sending a follow up email:

  1. Determine an objective and a call to action
  2. Open with context or a personal connection to the recipient
  3. Clearly state the purpose
  4. Craft an attention grabbing subject line
  5. Hit send

Sending a follow up message is fairly common, but widely ineffective because the traditional format is so overused. We’ll walk you through not only the best follow up email example but ones that capture your recipients attention and get responses.


How to write a follow up email

We are going to cover the basics of writing a follow up email. We will show you what to say, when to send, subject line ideas, and how to make these emails more effective with video. With all the following tips and tricks you will see your engagement and responses skyrocket.

  • How to start a follow up email: You may be thinking this is pretty easy and simple, I am going to put “I just wanted to follow up…”. That is actually pretty cliche and I can almost guarantee that is not the most effective way to start a follow up email. The best way to capture your recipients attention is to send the email with a video. As I am sure your inbox is full of content, the recipient’s inbox is most likely full too. Sending a video will help you stand out, adds a personalized touch, and feels less repetitive than sending another traditional email to their inbox. The best way to grab their attention is to use a whiteboard with the recipient’s name, smile, wave, reintroduce yourself, and mention that you wanted to follow up with a video as it might be a better way to reach them and share the message. Then, continue with the rest of your message and main purpose for reaching out.
  • What to say in a follow up email: Now that you know video is the best way to start a follow up email, it is time to talk about what to say in the message. Keep the message short and concise – the recipient is more likely to watch the entire video if it won’t take much of their time. You should try to keep the video shorter than a minute. The objective should be clear- whether if you want to get time on their calendar, have them look at a doc you sent over, or are asking for more information on a topic, make it clear why you’re reaching out. Add a call to action button to make it easy and convenient for the recipient.
  • When to send a follow up email: As I am sure you have heard, timing is everything. The usual amount of wait time to send a follow up email is 2 – 3 days. However, you will want to determine that timing entirely on your message`s context. If it’s a huge sales opportunity you don’t want to hound your prospects every other day, you want to give them time throughout the process. If it’s something that’s urgent, or you’re doing some initial sales prospecting, you can follow up in a shorter amount of time. Determine the timeline around what the context is of the message.
  • How to pick a follow up email subject line: A subject line is extremely important. It is normally the first impression and indication of whether or not your recipient will open your email. If you are sending a video email in your follow up, make it known. By adding the word “video” in the subject line, open rates increase by 19%. Another tip is to personalize the subject line, so include the recipient’s name and company. For example, a great subject line would be: “Video for John at Company”. Give your subject line some thought before sending your message.


Use cases for sending a professional follow up email

Sending a video instead of long, plain text can be an effective communication method for most follow up instances. There are plenty of reasons why video is so effective. Video messaging grabs the recipient`s attention, it is engaging, it stands out from the other content that fills their inboxes, it increases responses, and it can humanize and personalize the message and the process. With lots of things being virtual, customers are looking for that human touch. All the best follow up email includes video. Listed below are some common use cases:

  • Follow up email to client
  • Networking follow up email
  • Follow up email after meeting
  • Follow up after interview
  • Thank you email after sales meeting

These types of follow ups are typically sent for a business/professional reason. Video can still be used in a professional setting. Businesses are seeing an increase in engagement and responses when they send these follow up emails with video rather than plain text. All of these scenarios can be tailored to each recipient. It shows that your business, no matter how big or small, cares.


How to Make Your Sales Follow Up Email More Effective

Video is without a doubt the best tool to send a sales follow up email. Like mentioned before, it grabs a person’s attention, it is engaging, it stands out in inboxes, it increases responses, and it is personalizable. Especially when sending a follow up email after no response. People’s inboxes are typically overrun with sales messages, so oftentimes it is easy to overlook. To keep that from happening with your business, use video! Here are some tips to create the best follow up email – sales teams specifically:

  • Increase response rates- People want to do business with people, not technology. Incorporate a personalized video email into your initial outreach for a lasting first impression that resonates.
  • Keep prospects engaged- Use Covideo’s call-to-action buttons to share content like e-books, whitepapers, case studies, articles, or to invite working prospects to webinars.
  • Pass the baton-Send a Covideo to pass the proverbial baton and introduce your customer to their new best point of contact. A smooth transition and well-tended customer helps to stave off churn and leaves the door open for expansions and upsells.
  • Offer thanks- “Thank you” videos have some of the highest view rates – everyone likes to be appreciated! Once the sale is closed, send a personalized video email thanking customers for their business and taking the opportunity to ask for reviews and/or referrals.

Covideo can help you with all of these things! Covideo is a sales tool that helps personalize the sales process and increases response rates, engagement, and closes more deals. Shifting your strategy to video is the best way to follow up after no response and catch your recipients attention. While it’s easy to sort through dozens of sales email examples online, the most effective way to get your recipients attention is to do something different, and send a video message. This way, you’re front and center and you’re showing your recipient that you’re an actual human trying to help them with a problem, rather than just sending a faceless email as part of your routine. Video is the way to go when sending a follow up email after no response.


Send Follow Up Emails That Get Responses, Today

Hopefully these tips not only make for a good follow up email, but spark some engagement and action from your audience. If you’re still wondering how to write a follow up email after no response – simply don`t, instead send a video. Remember to start with a smile, wave, use a whiteboard, and point to the fact that you’re following up with a personalized video. Video is how to send a follow up email after no response effectively. Ditch the plain text and start seeing the results you deserve. Sign up for a Start a free trial!


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