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How To Send Your Video

Sharing and sending your Covideos can be done in multiple ways. Our software gives you the freedom to choose between options that suit your habits best. After you have recorded your video, here are the ways you can share it:

Send your video from your Web Recorder

Sending can be done directly from the Covideo Web Recorder. After recording your video, give it a title, select your desired template and exit links, type out your email, and click “Send”. If your not ready to send it, feel free to upload it to the library. Once it’s in the library, your Covideo will be available for sending at your convenience.

Send your video from the Mobile Application

Our users find that the Covideo App is one of their most loved features. Take Covideo with you wherever you go! With the Covideo mobile app, you can record and store videos in your Covideo library even when you’re not sitting at your desk. By all means, use it to record a personalized video when you are out of the office. Moreover, you can use it for a product demonstration. To point out, the possibilities are really endless. The Covideo mobile app also allows you to send a video via text message, adding yet another tool to your marketing tool belt. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play to start using it today!

Covideo Chrome Extension 

Chrome fans know that a great Chrome Extension is an absolute time saver. Just download the Covideo extension and next thing you know you’ll find the Covideo icon in your next Gmail outgoing email. When clicking on it, it will open a small window with all your Covideo videos in it. Chose the video you’d like to send and it will appear in the email compose window.

Send your video from Outlook

If you’re using Outlook, you can record and send videos using your existing Outlook account with the Covideo Add in. Click on the Covideo toolbar to record a new video, access your video library, or reply to your received emails with video. We created a little video about Outlook and Covideo symbiosis for all you visual types out there:

CRM Copy and Paste

Luckily, our CRM option allows you to copy your video from your Covideo library and place it into any other email or marketing platform such as Pardot, Infusionsoft, Gmail, Salesforce, etc. After all, Covideo fits in seamlessly with your existing processes. No HTML code or techy-knowledge required. Leave that to us.

Send your video to Social Media

Of course, when you are super proud of your masterpiece, naturally you’d like the whole world to see it. And that’s perfectly fine! Click on the “Share video” icon located on your video in your Covideo library and find the icons for your social media outlets. From here you can share your videos to your preferred social media account!

Embed your video into your website

To embed a video into your website click on the “Share video” icon located on the video in your Covideo library. From here you can access the “Embed” section where you can choose the dimensions that would fit perfectly onto the site. Then, simply copy the embed code and paste it where you wish to add your video.

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