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How To Stand Out In the Inbox

How many times have you opened your mailbox to find a neverending list of unread emails waiting for you? This is an issue everyone in the business world deals with, and if you want to be successful, most of these emails are a good sign for your business. But then again, if you are the one sending an introduction email, you want to find a solution to this.

So, how can you make your email stand out in someone’s inbox chaos?

Step 1. Start with a catchy subject line

Email subject lines will often get cut off if they’re too long, so keep it short and sweet will increase your open rate. More and more people use their phone when checking their email so make sure your subject line is “mobile friendly” as well. According to Marketing Profs, subject lines that have up to 20 characters tend to garner significantly higher open rates and click rates. The subject line of your introduction video should come with at least one of the following elements: personalization, name recognition, your viewer’s topic of interest.

Using personalization tokens will grab your viewers attention, but be careful, you don’t want your email to look as if it’s spam coming from a robot. Therefore, make sure to avoid capital letters and send your mail in the name of a “real” person. If you wish not to include your recipient’s name in the subject line, using the word “you” can serve as a good replacement!

Step 2. Use a video email platform

Sending an email with a long text won’t make you stand out, so why not change the story and send an introduction video instead? A good video email platform like Covideo will give you the ability to personalize your video by adding a landing page or template to it, as well as attach it directly to your mail in just a couple of clicks. If you doubt that video is the right choice, we chose to consider Forbes’ data which states that video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates!

Step 3. Record your introduction video

So how exactly should your video look like?

In most cases, your video has a target objective of awareness and persuasion. Make sure to clearly define the purpose and goal of your video in order to communicate them better. Begin your video by greeting the viewer by their name, and introduce yourself and what you do. Explain shortly why you are sending this video to them and make sure to adapt your story to your recipient’s interests by presenting your service, brand or product as the solution to their “problem”. Maximize the impact of your video and hold your viewer’s attention by keeping it short (no longer than 3 minutes) and engaging.

Step 4. Make sure your video has a strong closure 

Wrap up by shortly pointing out the main purpose of your introduction video and, of course, give an effective call to action. Let your viewers know what you want from them after they have finished watching your video. For example, you can end your video by offering your contact details and telling them to reach out to you by phone or email. If you are using a good video platform, you can direct your viewer to click on a specific exit link that you have added to your video’s landing page.

Step 5. Track your reactions and open rates

When you send your introduction video, don’t forget to add the word “video” to your subject line! It is proved that this increases open rates by 19%!

Track the success of your video through the analytics offered by your video platform, which will let you know if your recipient has watched it. The analytics will give you a better insight on how your video is acting after it is being sent, making the follow-up process much more effective. Not only are you able to see the statistics of your video, but also statistics related to the exit links.

With video and all this data at your disposal, your future video emails will get you one click closer to your recipient!

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