How to Use Video for Your University’s Enrollment Process

You can imagine that college enrollment is an intimidating process for most incoming students, especially with the uncertainty we’re experiencing right now. Their inboxes are flooded with emails welcoming them to their new school, updating them on new processes, where to go to set up financial aid, and instructions on how to enroll in classes.

And it’s no surprise that these sad looking blobs of plain-text emails are ineffective (I know it’s harsh but it’s true!)

Not only does it look like an impenetrable wall of information, it’s impersonal and leaves a student feeling alone and overwhelmed. Who wants to start their college experience with that feeling?! 

So, how do you keep a student engaged, prepared and even better, excited for their first day at school? 

Start by replacing a plain-text email with a video. Welcome a student to your university with a personalized video, so you not only grab their attention but also demonstrate care. Video communication places human connection at the heart of every message. Putting a face to a name, or to an entire establishment in this case, creates a positive impression on a student and their family. A video captures our tone, mannerisms, provides eye contact, and expresses authenticity. 

But when is it the right time to send a video email? Well, anytime! Embed videos in emails from the time a student commits to your school leading up till the start of their first class. Keep your students updated about campus events, like extra curricular activities, or inform them about the necessary forms that  need completed. 

Here are just a few ideas of when to replace a plain-text email with a video email:

  • Signing up for housing
  • Signing up for classes 
  • Paying for tuition and setting up financial aid 
  • Alert or update a student with campus news and information
  • Introducing incoming students to their student portal 

The opportunities are endless. Read our blog about video for college admissions to learn how video can go beyond enrollment. 

How to Create a Video Email?

Recording a video email doesn’t require fancy lights or a script. All you need is a camera (the one on your phone or laptop will work) and a quiet spot with natural lighting. The purpose of a video email put the person behind the screen in front of it, so don’t sweat over making the video perfect. If you stumble over words just keep going! We all slip up when we talk to someone in person, so keep your video genuine by rolling with the hiccups. 

Once your video is recorded, use a video platform to help you add the video to the email body, like Covideo. Covideo is one of the best video platforms for Higher Education. Regardless if you want to use Gmail video email or use video email for Outlook, Covideo integrates with both!. You can seamlessly insert video clips in Outlook emails or share a video from your own personal email account. With our tracking analytics you’ll know if your video got delivered and how much of your video was viewed.   

How to Send a Video Through Email from Phone

According to an article by the National Association for College Admission Counseling,  “students want face-to-face interaction,” said co-author of Generation Z Goes to College, Meghan Grace. And we don’t blame them! Researchers at Baylor University found that students spend most of their time texting, with an average of 94.6 minutes a day and sending emails with an average of 48.5 minutes. 

Universities that apply video to their communication are meeting students where they’re at. Since students spend most of their time looking at a screen, universities can use a free video email platform to deliver personalized messages. This allows students to get the face-to-face time they crave but through the convenience of an email. 

And the best part is, you don’t have to google video email platforms! The best video email service is right here. Covideo will package your messages in a form that is up-to-date for savvy-techies but also encompasses personal connection. Try our 14-day trial to send free video email for gmail, Outlook, CRMs, and even post videos to social media. 

Video messaging will make a student’s enrollment process memorable and positive, while still delivering your information in a quick and current approach.

Want a video pro tip?

Reminder! Email subject lines will help increase your open rate by 19% when you add the word “video”. If you need inspiration for good email subject lines for students check out our blog about creative email subject headlines. 

Lights, camera, action!

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