How to Use Video in Email Marketing the Right Way?

The new marketing tool
Have you heard about a new marketing tool, a medium that’s being used all over the internet? It’s uncanny, your email click-through rate could be increased by up to 300 percent and your unsubscribe rate could be reduced by 75 percent. By now you’re probably thinking that we’re talking about some pricey, heavy-hitter enterprise software system, but we’re not. It’s a medium you already use every day. The answer is short and simple – it’s video.
Many marketing and research companies have come to the same conclusion – embedded video can drastically improve the impact of your email marketing efforts, and showing the most engagement are B2B and B2C audiences. This doesn’t mean you should take the subject lightly ’cause adding videos to emails you’re already sending simply won’t give you the results you’re looking for. If you want to use video effectively you have to rethink your whole email marketing campaign.
Why is video so valuable?
You’re probably thinking about topics you can address with video. In its nature as a medium video is multisensory so the best topics should go hand in hand with that fact. Some good examples include product demonstrations and service demonstrations because it’s likely that your buyers will have a lot of questions about those subjects. We talked about the correlation between video and emotions earlier. To connect with viewers’ emotions video uses sounds, color and motion, those qualities make it memorable and that’s why video messages resonate with potential buyers. According to a Forrester research study, a good one minute video is worth 1.8 million words! How can you afford to ignore that much value? It’s one thing to know when to use video, but providing quality content is a whole other subject. It doesn’t have to be scary. No, really, it shouldn’t be scary at all if you keep a few tips in mind.
Tips for creating superb email marketing videos
When you’re creating video marketing content there’s a golden rule to follow: bad content is bad content even if it’s in video form. Here are some tips to help you create stellar videos.

  • Keep it short – if you don’t want to lose your viewers’ attention you must present your product or service in a quick and an effective manner. Keep your videos under 90 seconds.
  • The right position is key. Your video should be the star of your email so you have to position it on the top. This way your potential customers won’t miss it because they are not scrolling down far enough. The video will be the first thing they see when they open the email.
  • Every marketing video needs a call to action at the end. This is what drives viewers to the next step of your campaign. When a call to action is missing they’ll have no clue on how to proceed.
  • Don’t forget to include the actual word. Putting the word “video” in the subject line of an email increases open rates by 19 percent, increases click-through rates by 65 percent, and decreases unsubscribes by 26 percent.

Let’s wrap it up with a fun fact – YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world! This proves the fact that modern consumers turn to video when they search for information so adding it to your email marketing campaign just caters to your audience’s needs.

Lights, camera, action!

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