How to Use Video Messages in the Hiring Process

Interviewing for a job is stressful, so take the edge off by adding virtual recruiting strategies such as a medium like video. Not only does video connect with people in a way that plain text can’t, it also resonates with the younger generation and audience as well. If you were looking for a way to reinvigorate your efforts as you try to determine how to improve your hiring process, video is absolutely a big part of it.

Ultimately, video messaging is another great platform to use to either send reminders about new positions, to introduce yourself before an interview takes place, to send video recaps after they’re finished and much, much more. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your company is, or how many new hires you’re trying to attract. It’s a technique that you can bend to fit your needs in many different ways.

With a video messaging platform, you don’t need a virtual tour creator or virtual tour software because Covideo lets you record, share, and track video messages. Which means, learning how to make a virtual tour with a phone is a piece of cake. Plus, most tours are very generic and are just slapped on their website without much thought. Using the Covideo mobile app to record an office tour is a HUGE personalization point. The video is authentic and captures you, your coworkers, and your office space. Applicants can get a better understanding of the culture at your company with a real, unpolish video message, thus improving the hiring process. Trust us, people respond well to authenticity. 

Understand what motivates your applicants

Millennials have totally different beliefs and values compared to any other generation before them. To know how to catch their attention, you need to understand them.

First of all, be aware, millennials are needy. Recognition by others and having a purpose are crucial factors that fulfill them. Taking this into account, during the interview, you should explain how their potential position is important and what difference they would make to the whole company. Make them see the bigger picture in which they can contribute. Don’t forget, they like to feel part of the team, so use this information wisely.

Secondly, they don’t crave money, they crave wealth. For generation X, money is equal to happiness and today that equation is more complex. Money without the opportunity to enjoy it has no value to them. Communicate the importance of work-life balance for your company which will give you extra points, highlight all the volunteer and charity work the company supports, and all the fitness and health-related programs that are provided to the employees. When recruiting millennials during the hiring process, do not underestimate the power of these benefits. For millennials, their employer is the reflection of their beliefs and what they stand for.

Meet applicants where they’re at in the hiring process

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, which we doubt, it is well known that mobile is a big deal. But, maybe you don’t realize that 90% of millennials search for jobs on a phone and yet only half of the jobs applications are user-friendly. Don’t make the same mistake. Whether we are talking about company website, job board sites or social media pages, make the information visible and experience user-friendly for mobile users. Even though it is crucial for recruiting millennials, mobile visibility is not enough.

Millennials truly know the value of time and they find it precious. Forget about long application forms with unnecessary questions that they already deliver in their attached CVs and cover letters because even when they are extremely interested, if the process is too complicated or too long, millennials will just drop-off. Put yourself in their shoes and make the appropriate adjustments to your hiring process in order to attract top talent. Keep in mind that millennials love clear and easy processes, and hiring is not an exception. Record a virtual information session for all your applicants so you can answer their questions and give them something to reference before their interview.

Communicate like you would in person

When you see millennials spending all that time on their phones, it may seem that communication lost its power. The truth is totally opposite. Communication has never been more powerful and more important, it just has new channels of transmission. Fit inside! To overcome the gap between the new and the old, you need to build a bridge. Video merges two worlds – the world of old-fashioned, but effective face-to-face communication, and the world of new technologies. Use video to humanize the company and to show the people behind the logo. Press record and say your applicants’ name to invite them to the interview. That will make you stand out and immediately connect on another level.

Research has shown that for 92% of millennials the #1 frustrating thing is when they don’t hear back from the employer after submitting their application. Of course, some candidates are not the right fit for you and your company, but be smart and create bonds. You never know what life brings. Maybe they are your customers or your future employees. A few minutes of your day are enough to record a thank you video for the applicants that aren’t the best fit for you.  

Applicants are very knowledgeable—thanks to the Internet

Whether we are talking about shopping or a job application, millennials do their homework. Researching the company and position is a step they make even before applying for the job. With the rising power of the word-of-mouse, communication is no longer a one-way street. As they are used to sharing personal information on social networks, be prepared that they will share details about a job interview as well. In just a few clicks they can find out the most frequently asked questions or the salary range, which increases their negotiation power.

Companies are under rising pressure to ensure positive business image and reputation which is no longer a short-term assignment. To stay competitive on the battlefield of attracting the best people of this generation, you have to understand that this is the generation that watched the world’s economy collapse in the late 2000s. That is why they are searching for transparency and truth, so don’t withhold it from them. Prove to them that your company is ready for open and transparent relationships and show them that these are the values you cherish. Use your website and social media to provide them all the necessary information. Be open about the problems and the big picture items that could contribute to if working for you. Remember, trust can only be a two-way street.

How can I add video messages to my company’s virtual hiring process?

Video messaging should be a top priority as you develop your own virtual recruiting ideas because it lets you connect with prospective new hires in a meaningful way. Covideo improves the hiring process by providing video email software that helps businesses and individuals communicate more effectively, build relationships faster and reinforce their brands with easy-to-make personalized videos.

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