Use HR Video to Attract More Outsourced Human Resources Clients

Outsourced human resources services can be critically useful for small- or medium-sized businesses without the capabilities to staff a full HR department. According to The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, professional employer organizations (PEOs) provide services to 173,000 small- and mid-sized businesses, employing 4 million people. Especially with much of the working world going remote, HR software sales have become more prevalent. The pandemic also ushered in a generation of businesspeople accustomed to using video messaging. Therefore, it’s a natural fit that outsourced HR companies could turn to HR video to stand out against the competition and offer solutions.

Check out a few ways you can boost HR software sales with HR videos dedicated to showcasing your product offering and personalizing communication–no professional videographer or editor needed.

Use HR video to show the human side of human resources

Though human resources has evolved over the years, the “human” element remains the most crucial. It can be challenging in HR software sales to represent the personal component of your business. After all, if you’re a PEO or administrative services organization (ASO), you will not have an employee sitting in your clients’ office. This is where HR videos come in. Using video as a sales tool allows you to interject some personality into HR software sales. Introduce yourself and your product with a short HR video to instill trust in a prospective customer. It’s not the same as sitting at the cubicle next door, but it shows that there is a person on the other side of the screen, ready to assist.

Show how your product can save time and boost HR software sales

A study by G&A Partners found that HR professionals spend about 73.2% of their time managing tedious, administrative tasks. Most commonly, there is one HR professional for every 100-200 total employees. This means in-house HR professionals rarely have time to work on strategic business objectives. Close more HR software sales by demonstrating how your tools save companies time (and money). Create an HR video where you can screenshare the interface and emphasize its ease of use and time-saving capabilities.

Emphasize compliance, security, and expertise

The truth is, human resources is an important part of business, and companies that are not doing HR correctly are at risk of legal trouble. According to the Society of Human Resources Management, 54% of small businesses handle employment matters themselves. ADP’s Ad Hoc Human Resource Management Study even found of the employees taking on these “ad hoc” HR roles, 82% aren’t certified in HR. Use an HR video to explain to prospects the importance of having experienced, certified professionals on their side. Your service can help prospects avoid legal pitfalls and stay in compliance.

Demonstrate with HR video how your product can scale

Business’s needs shrink, grow, and change. Use HR video as a way to present case studies that address the future of your prospect’s business. Perhaps the customer only needs payroll now, but you have an excellent interface to aid in recruitment. On screen, you can demonstrate how your services are customizable and can change with their business. Improve HR software sales by showing the client you will be a reliable partner for the long haul.

The Takeaway

If you want to increase HR software sales, you must find a way to prove your service offering is a cut above the rest. Covideo makes it easy to create personalized, one-off videos at scale–with no photographer, editor, or production house needed. Want to see this strategy in action? Request a demo today. Our team will show you how outsourced HR companies like yours win over new leads with personalized HR videos.