Increase Conversions with This Simple Psychology Lesson

Whether you’re working in marketing or sales, there’s going to be some degree of psychology involved.

For example, ask yourself, “Why do people buy from you?” or better yet, “Why do they buy from you and not your competitors”? The answers to these questions often intersect with psychological thinking and are vital to any business. Michael Fishman, an expert in consumer behavior says, “Consumer psychology is all about getting into that unconscious territory where people are being directed to make purchases for reasons they are not clear about.”  

Tapping into that “unconscious territory” means incorporating a method that has the ability to influence people. So, what’s more persuasive and stimulating than a video?

According to a blog from Advanced Web Ranking, “A user’s positive experience with a video ad increases their purchase probabilities by 97%.”

But marketing is not the only department that can benefit from video. Sales professionals can increase conversions with video email by developing a stronger rapport with a prospect, standing out in a prospects inbox, and building trust by providing helpful messages. 

Follow along as we breakdown how to use video and psychology to increase conversions:

1. Make a Prospect Feel Special with Personalization 

Wait…people like hearing their own name?! It’s amazing how much of a positive impact you can have on someone when you say their name instead of writing “Hello…”.  Like verbal messages, video email allows for 55% of nonverbal elements (facial expressions, gestures, posture, etc) to be viewed by a prospect. Video is the whole package when it comes to communication. It encompasses body-language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. These subtle yet powerful factors, influence rapport between a sales professional and a prospect. 

The emotion and connection a video can communicate to prospect is no doubt greater than any plain-text email

Avoid Habituation with an Updated Sales Strategy

Face-to-face meetings are ideal, but not always feasible. Video email allows you to communicate as if you were in person. Stand out in a prospect’s inbox with a creative and unexpected video email.

Why? Because it disrupts habituation. According to “Habituation happens when too much of one thing constantly happens over and over again.” For example, sending a typical sales email is mundane and can easily get casted as irrelevant. 

One way you can avoid habitation is by updating your sales strategy. Start by using video email to deliver your next message.

Humanize the Sales Process

What does your audience value? Understanding this can help frame your next video message. People buy a service or product because it improves or aligns with something in their life or business. Identifying their values or pain points  will help you tailor your next pitch. This Hubspot quote summarizes this concept by saying, “The more your product can satisfy your prospect, the more incentive there is to buy.

Go Forth and Sell

A little knowledge about psychology can go a long way in your sales approach! Using a platform, like video, that combines a vast number of verbal and nonverbal communication makes you more people-centered. In-person meetings may not be the most efficient use of time, so send a message that has qualities of a face-to-face interaction without leaving your desk. Disrupting habituation can leave a positive impact and make your email stand out among the faceless emails. 

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