Increase Email Responses with These Helpful Hints

Picture this – you’re drafting an email to a prospect that could lead to a big opportunity. You know the value you can provide and that you can offer a solution to the problem they’re facing. Yet, how can you guarantee your message will resonate, or let alone – even get opened? How can you guarantee email responses?

Although email is the primary form of business communication, it definitely has its downfalls. Our inboxes are overcrowded, and oversaturated with ads, promotions, and miscellaneous messages. 

Using a video email software is one the best way to differentiate yourself and break through the noise of a crowded inbox. In this article we’ll cover the value video email can add to your outreach, and some additional email tips to get the response you deserve. 

Tips to Increase Email Responses

Choose your salutation thoughtfully

All of the salutations you might use to sign-off on an email say a different story about you and your intentions. Certain salutations will lead to a higher email response rate. We gathered several options and “translated” their meanings in the email world.

  • Sincerely – Using this sign-off lets your recipient know you’re strictly formal and want to keep it that way. If used too often, and in emails that are not strictly business-related, it might seem a bit off-putting and cold.
  • Thanks – If there’s something you need to say thank you for, this is an excellent option as it’s both polite and professional. Signing off with, “thanks in advance” has shown to increase the average response rate by 38.3%. 
  • Best – Use “best” when you’re closing an email to someone you know, or for more laid back instances. However, if you want to keep it more professional, try to add “regards,” as this salutation appears colloquial and common.
  • Talk soon – If you’re seriously planning to talk soon to your email recipient via call or a video meeting, then go for this one. Or this could be a great option on sales follow ups to encourage the conversation to continue. 
  • Cheers – Limit using “cheers” to your work colleagues, friends or close business partners. You can use it with someone you know well; otherwise, if you’re trying to leave a positive impression on someone you’ve just met, choose another option.  

Watch your style and format

To avoid spam filters, stay away from all CAPS, emojis overkill, and smiley faces :), and lots of exclamation points!!!! If your email sets off a spam filter, then you won’t get an email response.

Writing in all caps gives the impression that you’re yelling. This distracts from the message you want to get across. Emoticons add a playful touch,  but leave them out in business communication and instead, save them for social media and text. And, while it’s always easy to be exclamation mark happy, don’t go overboard. According to Christopher Fielden, the best ratio would be a maximum of 2-3 per 100,000 words.

Personalize your email (with video)

Whether you’re sending a message to a potential customer, or checking in on a loyal client – personalizing your message goes a long way in improving email response. In today’s age, the majority of consumers expect and prefer a personalized experience from the brands they interact with. Consumers are more likely to respond to an email that is personalized.

We’re not just talking about digital ads, and recommended content on social media – these personal touches should transcend into business communication. Long written emails have the tendency to come across as impersonal and unoriginal. Instead, imagine if you received a video email in your inbox. The unconventionality of it alone would catch your attention. Now, imagine when you open the email the first thing you see is a video thumbnail with someone waving and holding a whiteboard with your name on it. Now, you’re really intrigued. 

Use a video email platform

Using video email platforms, like Covideo allow you to do just that. You can embed video in email, making your message truly stand out from the crowd and resonate with your audience. Sending a video introduction of yourself (and your brand) to a new prospect or client will give them a much better understanding of who you are and what you represent. This, in turn, will make it much more likely for you to receive an email response.

Also, your recipient will feel like they’ve met you in person and that first-contact barrier will disappear. When you email a video message, people hear your tone, and see your body language and facial expressions, so the message is more likely to resonate and leave a lasting impression, which is a limitation of the written word.

With video, you also won’t have to worry about email misinterpretations because your tone reflects the meaning behind your message. For example, “Looking forward to hearing from you” might sound a bit forceful in an email, but it comes across naturally when leaving a voicemail or recording a video, and eliminates that sense of pressure.

Pro tip: Video email marketing statistics show that more personalized subject lines resulted in 41% higher open rates. And when sending a video email, subject lines should always include the word “video” for even higher email open rates. 

And finally…

In the end, keep up the outreach. Sales is a numbers game, and prospecting will forever be one of the most challenging aspects of the role. Give video email a try – reaching out in an innovative, and personalized way truly makes a difference. See for yourself and start sending video messages today with Covideo’s free trial – get instant access in minutes, with no credit card required. 

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