Increase Your Connections by Personal Selling Through Covideo

By now most sales professionals know a thing or two about video. Maybe you and your team meet over video to discuss the week’s game plan or, like many working parents, you’ve had to help your kids transition to a virtual classroom. 

Either way, you’re learning to adapt to a world that’s mostly online now. Yet, less in-person meetings doesn’t mean you can’t create more connections. Here at Covideo, we believe personal is powerful. When you send a personalized video message to a prospect or client you’re applying many qualities of an in-person meeting to an email. 

The recipient of a personalized video will hear their name, your tone of voice, see your mannerisms, and get a better understanding of you. Sales are about relationships, so send messages that will continue to grow your connections with personal selling approaches. 

In this blog we’ll discuss types of personal selling, companies that use personal selling, advantages of personal selling, personal selling examples, and sales prospecting tools.

Why include video in your personal selling process

Covideo allows you to stand out in the inbox, put a face to the name, record and share from anywhere, and measure viewer engagement. If you want to amplify the 7 steps of the selling process you need to start with video messages. 

Send videos throughout the buying process

So you know that webcam you’ve been avoiding? The one you’ve never turned on or maybe didn’t even know was there. It’s time to embrace it. 

Send a smile. Send a wave.Tell them you’re here to help. 

For prospecting tactics add a video to your outreach email. Introduce yourself and make sure you personalize your message so the recipients know you’ve recorded the video just for them. 

During this time, we need to not just hear one another, but listen to one another. Which is why Covideo provides a “reply with video” option. Even if your recipient doesn’t have a Covideo account they can keep the conversation going.

Answer objections and follow up with style

Rarely is there a sale that doesn’t involve at least one objective. During this part of the sales cycle use video to answer these objections. The recipient has the ability to rewatch the answer and forward it to other decision makers. 

After the sales it completed send a friendly follow-up video to see how your client is doing. Any seasoned marketing professional can tell you that success is all about getting the right message in front of the right person at exactly the right time. So don’t send someone a cold and impersonal piece of marketing collateral – something that begins with “Dear Sir or Madame” and gets more and more generic from there. All told, personalized videos and personal selling are truly the ultimate sales strategy for a business like yours – and that is one trend that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

If you’re curious about how to stay connected through video and need a little guidance, we’re here to help. Or just listen. Give us a call.

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