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Increasing Assisted Living Sales with Personalized Video

Some may find assisted living sales challenging to master at first or difficult to navigate, but in reality, it’s incredibly doable with a little help from personalized video! The right personalized video messaging platform can help you completely transform your approach to assisted living sales and help you tailor our outreach in a more personal and empathetic way.

Those working at a senior living facility can use personalized video messaging to increase occupancy, raise resident satisfaction, and more. Video messaging can help you build trust and longer-lasting relationships with residents, families of residents, and anyone else involved in the process. With personalized video messaging, residents can connect a face with a name and let families know that there is a real person who cares and wants to help them make an incredibly important decision on the other end of a conversation. With personalized video, you have the ability to:

  • Create virtual facetime 
  • Focus on creating authentic conversations
  • Adding personalization and empathy to all communication
  • Spending more time on fewer leads

Why personalized video is so effective

Video is one of the most powerful tools and is increasing in popularity in almost every industry and sector. Statistics show that 2 of 4 people are more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video demonstrating how a business helped another person like them. Video emails are more likely to have higher response rates, open rates, as well as click-through rates. A video message is more able to grab the attention of its recipient compared to a more traditional plain text email. 

Top Use Cases for Video Messaging in Assisted Living Sales

1. Humanize replies to inbound leads

With video messaging, you’re able to create and establish genuine relationships and connections by humanizing the process of selecting a senior living facility for a family member. Check out an example below of an introduction video used at the initial stages of the assisted living sales process.

2. Communicate health and safety updates

A simple video message can be used to communicate information about current protocols, policies, health updates, and actions that your facility is taking to create a safe environment.

3. Conduct virtual tours

You can record a virtual tour of your facility with a video message which can give a future resident or a family member a more authentic feel of your space. 

4. Personalize follow-ups

When you send a personalized video message as a follow-up, you can show your recipient that not only where you closely listening to them, you’re willing to go the extra mile to make them feel heard. 

5. Share success stories

You can share success stories by gathering powerful testimonials from current residents to show to future residents.

6. Keep families connected

Assisted living sales continue beyond the final decision. Ongoing communication between families and your facility can help them feel confident in their decision and your community. 

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