Your Cheat Sheet for Insurance Video Marketing

If you’re an insurance agent who wants to modernize his (or hers) marketing strategy, this blog post will be your go-to solution.
We’re bringing you some information and a couple of ideas to leverage the power of video marketing, which will help you boost your insurance business marketing strategy and get these hot leads.

Video marketing in numbers

If you’ve been reading our previous blog posts, you probably already know the importance of video marketing. If you don’t, here’s the Oberlo’s breakdown:

  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video.
  • More than 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool.
  • 54% of consumers want to see video content, not only for entertainment purposes but also from a brand or a business they support.
  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.
  • 88% of video marketers declare satisfaction with the ROI of their video marketing efforts.

The journey of your potential clients becomes long before they buy from you. More than 70% of your prospects will search you online. During that search, they rely mostly on Google, but also on social media, such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. It’s a widely known fact that your future customer’s attention will be seized a lot easier if you opt for using video instead of texts.

So, if you use video in your social media channels, it will work wonders. Facebook has more than 8 billion video views per day, and social media posts that contain video have up to 48% more views. Social media videos generate 1200% more shares than image and text combined.

Let’s talk about building trust. In terms of how people engage with a brand after watching a video, 20% visited a brands’ web page, while a further 20% then researched the brand.

If you properly introduce your insurance business, your agents, and yourself, people will immediately know everything they need to know.
The infamous barrier between a salesman and his future client will disappear.

Represent your core values, your offers, and talk about business.
Give out friendly advice, share your researches, accomplishments and daily endeavors, and make yourself an authority in a specific topic.
People tend to buy more from people whom they trust. Once you gain their trust, the process of getting leads will become a lot smoother. Still not convinced?

Benefits of video marketing in the insurance business

Video marketing is effective.

You can record one video and send it out to a thousand of your prospects if you want. It’s even better to personalize it and send a dedicated video to your specific customer or client. However, if there is no time for that extra-personal touch, this ultimate option is still an excellent way to go.

Video marketing is consistent.

Once you’ve recorded a video where you precisely explain the benefits of buying insurance from you, you can use it repeatedly. Your worries about missing something out will vanish. Draft a script with everything that needs to be said, hit that “record” button and there you go – you can now deliver your message over and over again.

Video marketing is affordable.

If you can’t afford a professional team of videographers that will deliver HQ 4K storytelling videos, that’s perfectly fine. You always have your smartphone with a camera or your laptop-integrated webcam. Once you start with the basics, you can easily upgrade to a better camera, or purchase some handy gear. You can invest in a tripod, a selfie-stick, or a camera stabilizer, which will allow you to film your videos even if you’re in the move.

Doing video marketing is easy.

Just as you don’t need any expensive gear, you don’t need professional software to edit and combine your videos. Your laptop has some pre-installed video editing tools, and your phone has at least one, too.

Personalized video marketing works even better.

If you need to contact your prospects daily, and you do it to represent your company correctly, eventually you’ll need some personalization. If you’re using a video platform such as Covideo, you can get a personalized template, which portrays your brand. For example, the background of your sent video message which has your logo, or your building on it will raise the level of your brand awareness. These videos add a nice touch of personalization to outreach which is extremely valuable for industries like insurance. Next time you’re looking for a new health, home, car or life insurance video marketing strategy – try sending a personalized video.

Check out these 7 insurance videos for websites ranging from welcome videos, testimonials, webinars and more.

Insurance video marketing ideas

Welcome video

In these times of being always online, some businesses still need to continue conducting that face-to-face approach. Moreover, cold calls or plain emails don’t do the trick anymore. That’s why video serves as a great option.  With creating a warm and friendly welcome video, you will establish a firm human connection with your new client, but also save some time. Also, according to HubSpot, 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about service than read about it.

Customer testimonials

People trust online reviews the same as they believe to a personal recommendation. Consequently, reading positive reviews will make them trust your business more. The optimal situation is the one where they can see a video testimonial instead of reading a written one. The primary focus of modern insurance marketing is providing an outstanding customer experience. Having video testimonials of your satisfied customers will provide your prospects with a positive experience. Some of the most effective insurance videos for websites are customer testimonials. This is because viewers can hear directly from satisfied customers, which builds trust and your credibility.

Even though insurance agents are familiar with the power of testimonials, somehow they still share it in a written format. How to collect customers’ testimonials? Segment your client database and determine your long-standing customers or customers who have recently given you positive feedback. Reach out to them and ask them if they’re willing to participate in an interview. When you’re creating the interview, make sure to focus on their improvements and the personal benefits they experienced. Ask them about the impact they made by using your product. Note that this interview shouldn’t revolve around you and your product – it should be about them.

Questions like these discuss pain points, so your testimonial video will be a compelling tool that gives leads a preview of how you can satisfy their objectives.

Live video

Facebook users spend a 3x more significant amount of time watching video on Facebook Live compared to the pre-recorded ones. The process of creating a Facebook Live video is, however, the same as creating a pre-recorded one: you’ll need a camera and a connection to the channel.

Using Facebook Live, you’ll be more authentic, which is one of today’s’ top priority, and you’ll be able to interact with interested parties immediately.
Offering answers and explanation immediately after the question provides your prospects with outstanding customer experience.

Dead leads video

During your career, you must’ve stumbled upon on visitors on your website which have requested a quote, and then suddenly disappeared. They never take your calls, or they ignore your emails. How to convert these dead leads into prosperous ones?

By sending a unique video message, that might express humor or emotions (or both), or anything else you think that person could relate with. Use automatized marketing software that will provide you with valuable insights, such as: how many cold leads have seen your email, how many videos have they viewed, who watched your video in entirety… The higher the engagement, the higher the chance of conversion.

Insurance video webinar

Creating a seminar must’ve crossed your mind at least once. Create an online seminar – webinar, where you’ll introduce people to your business, your mode of working, your core values, and primary objectives.

Webinars are known as an ideal activity for showing off your expertise on a topic. It can be sent out to your prospects directly and free of charge, it can be sold, and you can share it on your social media. Even though it requires much planning, it’s not that hard to execute it. Make your webinar interactive – turn it into a video webinar. One of the best tools to use when recording a video webinar is using a screen sharing tool, where you can demonstrate a precise point of your viewer’s interest and walk people through the specific process.

Explain a claims process in a video

Insurance claims are quite confusing for many people. They are different, and their processes vary, so this is your perfect opportunity to create a simple video. Explain a few basics facts and information regarding the claims process, offer them some source of reassurance and portray yourself as a resource of help. You’ll get tons of credit and organic, positive feedback from people who had a good claims experience. This type of video is perfect not only for claims but also for other frequently asked questions. You already have the answer, so the only natural option is to share it with those who want to know it.

Non-insurance video

Once you’ve made a connection with your clients, it’ll be natural for them to want to know you better. You can make that connection even firmer with creating some relatively personal videos. If you’re into football, fishing, or you play tennis during the weekends, record a short video about it and share it on your social media. Your clients and partners will feel more connected to you because they have their hobbies, too. You’re showing yourself as a real-life person, who’s not only an insurance agent but also an adventurer or/and a family man.


Getting started with insurance video marketing can seem scary, not only in the insurance industry but elsewhere, too. It’s normal to feel skeptical, and it’s natural to feel awkward while recording a video of yourself. However, with constant efforts and practices, you will become better at it, you’ll boost your overall confidence, and your clients will feel the difference. People say that insurance business is a relationship business, so the more you’ll work on that relationship with your customer, you’ll get better results. Using video marketing will transform that journey in the best possible way.
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