How Can the Insurance Industry Benefit From Video?

Insurance professionals rely on strong relationships to not only maintain but build their client base. The best way to keep relationships strong is with regular communication, but relying on expensive mailings or lengthy phone conversations is neither cost nor time-effective. On the other hand, insurance videos offer a time-saving and economical way to personally reach clients and prospects.

Below are applications insurance professionals can employ in prospecting and customer retention strategies. The focus is not on “hard” selling, but on educating, demonstrating and personally connecting with consumers through a variety of messages that build trust and familiarity.

What better way to achieve that than with engaging insurance videos?


Implementing insurance videos

There are many ways to implement insurance videos in communication strategies, and we bring you some of them:

  • Highlight policy types offered (life, home, car, health, motorcycle, RV, etc.)
  • Respond to internet inquiries with a video introduction
  • Give price quotes, (attach the document if required) compare prices with competitors
  • Explain how to file a claim- demystify the process for wary consumers
  • Give safety tips for the home (smoke detectors, security systems, fire extinguishers), for vehicles (seat belts, drinking, and driving, cell phones and driving, system checks), etc.
  • Remind clients of annual coverage review
  • FAQs on subjects such as Rates & Payments, Choosing an Agent, Understanding Coverages and Changing a Policy
  • Explain coverage terms- Take the confusion out of insurance terms with clear explanations that help consumers make better coverage choices
  • Special rate offers- Spread the word on discounts and rate reductions
  • Tax savings- An added benefit of saving for retirement
  • Testimonials- Nothing better than customers raving about service and price
  • Non-policy products and services offered: Investments such as Mutual Funds, Brokerage Accounts, IRA Accounts, …

Each video email application leads to ideas for more uses!  By taking the initiative, insurance professionals can transform the way they communicate with their brilliant insurance videos!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these video tricks for insurance agents.

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