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Introducing Covideo Captions: New Automatic Voice to Text Feature

First, What is Captions?

Captions allows you to generate text that syncs to your video’s audio. So, not only can your viewers watch an awesome video of you but now they can follow along with what you are saying by referencing the captions.

Captions are important when a viewer is in situations like a busy airport or if they forget their headphones. Oh, and let’s not forget that Captions promotes inclusivity for those that are hard of hearing or non-English speakers. Overall, captioning your video message will improve your message’s accessibility, convenience, and comprehension. 

A More Powerful Way to Deliver Your Message

Did you know that 35 million people in the U.S. depend on captioning to enjoy recorded content? Applying Captions will help all of your viewers understand and enjoy your video to the fullest. 

According to, “Captioning your videos can have a big effect on how successful they are. This is true for movies, TV shows, social media videos, training content, and any other kind of video you might record and share”. 

Still not convinced? Here are some insightful caption stats provided by Lemonlight:

Our new Captions feature will let you record and transcribe all your video emails in real-time. Our captioning feature is powered by AI, so it will continuously learn and improve with every use. And you always have the ability to check and edit the text before sending out a video. 

Covideo: The Only Messaging Platform With Instant Captioning

Start sending personalized messages with Captions by contacting your Account Manager. Not a member? Then try our 14-day free trial, you’ll get the chance to record, send, and track your personalized messages. Of course, you’ll also get to try out Captions. ?

Adding both video and Captions will enhance your emails’ meaning, accessibility, and comprehension. Learn more about the importance of video or download our video email eBook to help you create your first 10 personalize messages.

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