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“Video really adds that personal touch!”

Kate Eltringham is the Vice President of Marketing in GWC Warranty, the best-in-class provider of vehicle service contracts through independent dealers in the US. She has been working there for five years and started using Covideo not long after she joined.

Covideo usage internally 

Kate says that aside from the external communication, they also use Covideo internally. For them, Covideo is a great way to communicate with dealers across the nation with more than just black and white Outlook email. Even the company’s CEO and President Rob Glander is using Covideo, along with several other members of the Executive Leadership Team who have all started to utilize it in lieu of or to complement the emails that they send out. “Video is a much more compelling way to get the message conveyed. It really adds that personal touch that you can’t get from just a text-based communication. Moreover, Covideo is great for sending the basic ‘Hey here’s a follow up’ or ‘You guys had a great quarter’. Also, we communicate with our remote sales team and to the people in office as well”, Kate explained.

Everybody loves Covideo

Everyone in GWC Warranty is thinking of Covideo as a great way for marketing to communicate with Operations or the Human Resources department. For instance, their Vice President of Operations will give updates on the performances to others. Using this video software has improved external communication with their dealer base. At the same time, they love using it internally to get in touch with their employees.

Find out more about how GWC Warranty uses Covideo from Kate Eltringham:

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