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Land Your Next Job With a Video Resume

The job market is incredibly competitive, and making your resume stand out above the rest is an extremely challenging task. The best way to accomplish this is by recording a video resume.

While cover letters and printed resumes are still widely used, video resumes have been advancing into the job market.

A video resume, if done tactfully, could be your golden ticket to landing your dream job.

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Is a video resume right for me?

Video resumes are an excellent additional tool to have in your tool belt. Not only do they allow you to stand out among other candidates, they also give the employer deeper insight into what you have to offer their company.

However, it’s up to you to decide if a video resume can help your specific job application.

All of this depends on the type of job you are trying to land and the industry it’s in.

Before you start recording, do some research on the company you are applying for to learn more about their culture and expectations. Are they in the creative field or are they a little more traditional? Doing a bit of groundwork can help you decide whether or not they would appreciate receiving a video resume.

Keep in mind that not everyone embraces new developments at the same pace.

How can a video resume give me an edge?

Recording a video resume allows you to put a face to the achievements and experiences listed in your traditional resume. It also gives you the opportunity to convey your passion and enthusiasm about the position or industry before actually stepping foot into the interview room.

Video resumes are much more vivid and present a well-rounded candidate instead of just a list of accomplishments.

These are the top three things video resumes will help you achieve:

  • Video resumes help you stand out from the crowd of written documents! The traditional written resume is not going away any time soon, but a video that accompanies it can catch an employer’s eye.

  • They give the employer a better idea of how you might mesh with their teams. These days, company culture is a vital component in the recruitment process and allowing your personality to shine through video can give a company a better feel for you as a person.

  • Many job applications are scanned by robots these days and run the risk of being ignored if certain key phrases aren’t included. Oftentimes, this can make it seem like all of your resumes are being sent into a black hole. Including a video resume can really make your application pop!

Here’s how you can record a 5-star video resume in a few simple steps

1. Have a game plan.

Think about who’s going to be watching your video and create with your audience in mind. Have a game plan in mind before you hit the record button.Show the viewer why you’re valuable and what you can bring to the table.

2. DON’T just recite your resume.

Instead of just reading off your CV or listing your past roles and responsibilities, take this opportunity to expand upon your experiences. Share some qualities about yourself that can’t be conveyed on paper.

Don’t forget to include some personal traits that are appropriate for the position you’re applying for.

3. Draft a script (but avoid reading directly from it).

Would you get up in front of a room full of people and just read your presentation straight from a script? No.

So don’t do it in front of the camera.Write down the key points you want to touch upon to use as a guide while you record your video resume. Be sure to avoid vague and overused phrases like “team player.”

Video gives you the freedom to provide the viewer with concrete examples of things you’ve actually done, so take advantage of that.

4. Keep it short.

People are busy.

Get to the point quickly and convey your message in a clear and concise manner.

A video resume between 30 and 90 seconds is the perfect length to give your prospective employer a good idea of what you could bring to the position.

5. Make it quality.

Our mantra at Covideo is that you can record a video with no fancy equipment – your phone or webcam will do just the trick.However, it is important to light the scene properly and avoid loud or distracting sounds that might deter the viewer.

Record your video in a quiet space with an appropriate background and good lighting.

6. Re-record your video.

The beauty of video recording is that you can re-record it if you’re not happy with your take. If the dog started barking mid-video or you signed off unnaturally, record it again!

7. Be yourself!

A video resume allows you to show off who you are in a more personal way. Your smile, charisma, humor and facial expressions make for a far more engaging job application than the typical cookie-cutter resume.

Working for a company is a two-way street and it’s important that you and the company will fit well together.

Video DON’Ts:

  • Don’t film in your pajamas. Seems obvious, right? Though you might not physically be in an interview, this is still your first impression. Dress and present yourself in a professional manner.

  • Don’t exaggerate. Video gives you more freedom to elaborate on your experience, but you should still be honest about your skills.

  • Don’t expect that your future employer won’t want to see a text copy of your actual resume. Think of your video resume as more of a *bonus* to go along with your traditional resume. When done correctly, this can boost your chances of snagging a coveted position.

A video resume puts you in front of the hiring manager.

It’s also likely to put you ahead of all of the other candidates sending in traditional resumes.

Video resumes allow you to become a person rather than just a piece of paper.

Want to know how companies are using video to engage applicants and employees? Check out our article on how employers are using video in the hiring process.

Lights, camera, action!

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