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LinkedIn videos connect you with your target audience

If you are looking into new ways on how to get more customers or promote your business, LinkedIn videos are here to help. With video being one of it’s latest additions, it’s up to you to take this opportunity and create content that will intrigue your connections. Using video content itself is not reinventing the wheel, but how to properly use LinkedIn videos is something we wanted to take a deeper look at.

LinkedIn audience

What makes LinkedIn videos different from videos on other social platforms is, first, its audience. On this social media network, most people are there for either trying to attract customers or to promote their business. It’s the right place for B2B companies and professionals to learn, engage, and find solutions to overcome their biggest challenges. Make sure your video content is primarily related to your connections. It has to be something that will make them stop and take a moment to view. Your connections there want to know more about industry updates, followed by the news and products from your company.

Higher share rate with LinkedIn videos

Notice that this social media platform also made viewer statistics available which is great feedback for marketing campaigns. That is why you are able to see likes, impressions and shares of your content. When talking about statistics, QuickSprout reported that video links shared to LinkedIn result in a 75% higher share rate than other types of content.  This is why you shouldn’t wait any longer and set your video game ON. Including video to your LinkedIn profile and sharing it can be a great start for increasing your audience engagement. That will definitely help you stand out. Video will add a little color and help you engage with your customers by adding that personal touch. Also, sharing links to videos in your status updates can grab people’s attention and it doesn’t require much effort.

The facts are clearly showing that video content is a must on social platforms. It may not seem as popular as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, with over 260 million users and 2,1 million groups.  However, this is a platform that you can’t take lightly in a professional world. Also, it’s the best social media platform to generate leads. Use all the opportunities LinkedIn offers you to show every benefit your company wants to highlight!

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