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Mac Desktop Recorder Released

By: Olivia Slade-Silovic | January 5th, 2012

Covideo is excited to announce we now have a downloadable desktop recorder for Mac users!  The new Mac version allows Snow Leopard 10.6 and Lion 10.7 users to download the recorder from their Covideo account back office.  Desktop functions include: Record, Preview, Save and Email much like the web version but with higher video quality, for better results.  Users can also access their Mac address book instead of loading all their contacts into our system for ease and time-savings.

Watch a Video Demonstration!

Current Covideo customers can download the Mac desktop recorder by logging-in to their account, selecting Email and then Download.  For additional details check out the Mac Quick Start Guide.  If you would like more information about our downloadable Mac Desktop Recorder or any of the other new features we added in 2011 feel free to contact us.  We’re always happy to help!