Master the Virtual Meeting

As business has gone from the boardroom to the living room (or any other part of the house), we must get comfortable turning on our webcams and connecting virtually. Using video in sales, marketing, or in any aspect of business is a powerful way to stay connected, but new factors must be considered when joining an online meeting.

Here are some of our online etiquette tips to help you master the virtual meeting.

Dress to impress

Look presentable and professional. Even though you’re likely in the comfort of your own home, get dressed as you normally would for an in-person meeting… on the top at least.

Check your devices

Technical difficulties get in the way of a successful meeting. Check to make sure all your programs are downloaded and functioning properly. Test the camera and microphone – it’s important that your clients and colleagues can see and hear you during the meeting.

Manage the chaos

Working from home can mean more distractions. Limit those distractions by finding a quiet spot to join the meeting from. Close the door to keep uninvited guests from arriving in the background and to block out background noise. 

Send a video reminder

When you aren’t going anywhere in-person, it’s easier to overlook an online meeting. . Send a video email reminder beforehand to let them know you’re looking forward to connecting. If you’re wondering how to embed video in email, Covideo can help with that!

Give your full attention

Be present during the meeting. It can be tempting to multitask, but don’t visit other websites or scroll through your phone. Stay focused and give your full focus just as you would in a face-to-face meeting.

Keep your eyes on the clock

Be mindful of everyone’s schedules and be careful not to go over the allotted amount of time. If you forget something, embed a video in an email that summarizes your thoughts and allows people to watch it on their own time. 

Stay on task

With so little social interaction, it’s easy to get caught up socializing with coworkers and clients. Stay focused on the task at hand, and connect with friends after work hours. 

Be patient

Switching from face-to-face meetings to online meetings can be a big adjustment. Be patient as you overcome initial challenges and create a supportive environment as everyone transitions to the new way of communicating.

Meet on the go

For those times when work gets too busy, and you don’t have time to jump on a call, consider sending a video email with your updates. This way, you can ditch the long, wordy emails and everyone can watch on their own time. Using video email platforms, like Covideo, allow you to share your message in the matter of minutes.

Looking to expand on the benefits of video?

We’ve seen the power of video in sales, marketing and all across your business. If you’re interested in how to create a video email, try Covideo, a video messaging sales tool, for free. Or speak with one of our video strategists, for sales email best practices, sales email tips, and more video email examples.

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