New direct video upload to Youtube

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the importance of creating enduring (or reusable) videos to decrease workload and increase productivity.  Examples of enduring videos include: introductions, thank you messages, product overviews, testimonials, FAQ’s, service benefits, industry news, inspirational messages, etc.  These videos can be cut once, then sent out again and again at a moment’s notice.  This reusability allows businesses to spend more time on critical activities that cannot be automated.  The additional benefit of enduring videos is their effectiveness on social media sites with 24/7 global viewer access.
Tapping into this ever-growing social network can boost corporate visibility, increase message circulation, build consumer confidence and more.  While several sites can boast high traffic and viewer interaction, the most popular video community is YouTube, with 2 billion videos viewed daily by a broad demographic range. Until recently, uploading videos from CoVideo to YouTube was a somewhat time-consuming process.  With our new one-step upload, videos are transferred directly to a YouTube account with the click of a button.  Now, customers can create a video, send it to recipients and upload it to YouTube all within minutes.
It’s a great time-saving feature that adds versatility to each CoVideo account and simplifies the video sharing process.

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