Newsletters are withstanding the test of time

In the real estate industry, newsletters have a strong effect on building relationships with clients. Not only that they help keep your potential buyers interested, but they also shape and maintain relationships with your existing clients. For instance, sending ideas on what can be redone in the bathroom in just one weekend, or how to prepare your garden for Spring with some additional DYI ideas may catch their attention.

Real estate agencies should create content that is engaging and entertaining, without trying to sell a property over email. Let’s be honest, nobody will buy a home just because you have sent a great newsletter. However, it will help you establish a trustworthy relationship with your potential buyer. Without the trust between an agent and the buyer, properties will unlikely be sold. So, how can real estate agents use this powerful marketing tool to engage their customers in order to sell more properties?

1. Content is king

Sending newsletters with valuable information or ideas that could be of their interest is a smart way of sticking longer in your clients’ minds. Every person in business knows it can be challenging to develop meaningful and long-term relationships from a simple list of contacts. However, with smart marketing, you can make it a little bit easier for yourself. Remind your existing and potential clients who you are and why they should stay in touch with you by showing them that you know what topics they would like to read more about. Tell them more about the best neighborhoods in the city or share simple ideas on redecorating homes without hiring a professional. Also, advise them when it is the best time to think about purchasing a home… Show them that you care about them more than you care about their money.

All in all, the deal is more likely to be closed when the relationship is based on trust.

“For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25.”

2. Subject lines are the attention grabbers

Would you ever read a boring or unclear headline of the Sunday newspaper while you are drinking your coffee? Probably not. The same goes for subject lines. If they don’t impress you in the first second, you will probably skip the reading of the entire newsletter. This is why you should avoid subject lines that have a promotional or selling focus. Instead, offer your recipients something they would actually be keen on reading. The challenging part is how to write something that will raise the interest of one person and will not reject another person in such short text space.

Keep in mind, the goal is to achieve higher open rates while building a relationship with your newsletter audience. Here are a few ideas of what you should focus on when writing your next newsletter’s subject line:

And take a look at a list of things you should avoid because they will decrease your newsletter effectiveness:

3. Video is the solution

If you really want to increase your newsletter open rates, you will have to include video content. Did you know that 87% of online marketers use video content because they find it very effective and powerful? And if marketers love video, you know it’s because their targeted audience loves it too. Imagine sending a video of yourself or your agents in which you give advice on things you should take into consideration when buying a new home. Not only will your audience get high-quality content, but you will show them who you actually are, how your voice sounds like and how you look like. These factors are crucial when it comes to doing business such as this one. Let your newsletter recipients see who the person is that they should call if they are thinking of buying or selling.

Gain their trust just by being you!

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