Old School To Innovation

It’s not unusual for Americans to connect with a potential customer over a screen opposed to an in-person meeting.

Whether this is a positive or negative change in our culture, I’ll leave that up for you to decide.

But it’s certainly a reality!

With 96% of Americans owning a cellphone of some kind and nearly three-quarters of U.S. adults owning desktop or laptop computers, there’s no escaping the evolution of communication. 

Robert Wollan, a senior managing director at Accenture Strategy says:

“Companies have lost sight of the importance of human interaction and often make it too difficult for consumers to get the right level of help and service that they need…”

The lack of human interaction can make customers feel like they are living in an episode from Black Mirror. Some problems are better handled through a real person than chat-boxes and automatic phone calls.

Bring Back Human Interaction With Video Email

Videos can help break down the digital barrier because, more than any other medium, video helps people empathize with what they see on-screen. 

Here are some helpful solutions to improve customer retention, enhance customer experience, and create loyal promoters and evangelists.

Solution #1

Improve Retention With FAQ Videos

Solve your customer’s problems before they even happen! You can do this by creating FAQs videos that are easily accessible to your customers.

Not only is this helpful, but it shows your customers that you are thinking of them.

Solution #2

Create Educational Material

Providing exceptional customer service through video is more than just solving the day-to-day problems.

You want to make sure your customers are experts! Educational videos should be short and sweet.

Solution #3


Webinars allow you to interact with more than just one customer at a time. 

This gives you an opportunity to provide quality customer service in an effective and efficient way.

Solution #4

Video Product Updates

Keep your customers in the know.

Sending product update videos is a great customer service strategy because it can prevent any confusion or miscommunication with your product(s).

Solution #5

Personalized Video Emails

Go from bot-like to human and high-quality!

Personalize each video so every customer feels cared for and valued.

Are you an amazing chef, a coffee connoisseur, or a parent of two delightful corgis? Sharing this information can make your client relationships stronger and build your fan club.

Bonus Solution! 

Brand Advocates

Posting brand advocate videos is a great way to let buyers know that other people are enthusiastic about your company and recommend your business.

Videos like the one above can make your company more credible and can also increase foot-traffic, leads, conversions, brand awareness.

Final Thoughts

Providing the right amount of human interaction within customer service is easier than you think. Video provides a personalized experience that conveys emotion more than any other digital medium. 

So yes, technology is evolving the way we communicate, but including video in you email allows you maintain that personal touch and human connection.

Lights, camera, action!

Your turn to amp up your efforts with video

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