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Online Screen Recorder

There are a wide range of different benefits to using an online screen recorder or similar type of solution, all of which are certainly more than worth exploring. Sometimes, it’s easier to show someone something rather than to tell them and by recording your screen, you can get across important messages and convey other information in a far easier way than ever before.

All told, there are a large number of use cases for online video recorder solutions and in the following article, we’ll touch on every single one of them. We’ll also dive deep into the use cases for when this type of software will absolutely come in handy. We’ll also cover valuable topics like:

  • A screen and audio recorder
  • The best recording software 
  • How to screen record on Windows, Mac, and PC
  • Free recording software options

The Value of a Screen Recording Software

One of the most common use cases for screen capture software often involves the customer service industry. As stated, sometimes it’s just far easier to walk someone through even a complicated process if they can see exactly what you’re talking about. Customer service agents can use screen recorder online solutions to help customers diagnose certain issues that they might be having, to help them get the most out of a purchase they’ve already made, and more.

This type of webcam recorder technology is also often used when working internally amongst teams to help create a better sense of communication and collaboration, even if everyone is spread out at the time. It can also be helpful to use a free screen recorder to share a presentation during an important meeting, for example.

There are many different screen recorder options available on the market today, but by far Covideo is one of the best. Covideo is an innovative solution that doubles as an online screen recorder and a webcam recorder, allowing you to record your computer screen, yourself or both at the exact same time. Not only that, but Covideo also allows you to share these videos with ease – even via email or similar channels.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – if you’d like to test out Covideo and see what it can do for you, you’re free to do so instantly by way of our seven day trial. You get access to the full functionality of Covideo for one whole week and absolutely no credit card is required. You can start sending videos and recording your screen in a matter of minutes – exactly the way it should be.

Screen Recorder vs Video Recorder

At this point, one of the most important things for you to keep in mind involves the fact that a computer screen recorder and video recorder software are not the same thing and should not be treated as such. Yes, they have a lot of similarities in what they allow you to do – but there are crucial differences too that you need to be aware of moving forward.

Screen recorder

A screen recorder, as the name suggests, allows you to capture exactly what is playing out on your computer screen at any given moment. This type of free screen recording software is great to help you visualize both demonstrating and instructions.

One common issue that a lot of people run into with these types of solutions has to do with the recorded file itself. Sometimes you end up with a file that is just too big to send to anyone – meaning that you now have to worry about how you’re going to get that content into the hands of the people who need it.

Indeed, that’s why people use a platform like Covideo in the first place – it allows you to record your screen and send your video easily via not only email but also SMS text messages and even on social media. All you have to do is record your video, then grab the link and paste it into your message. Note that Covideo also doubles as a video recorder – making it so much more valuable than a traditional webcam recording software.

Video recorder

Video recorder software, as the name suggests, allows you to use your webcam to record short, “selfie” style videos. These are particularly helpful in the business world as so many people are working remotely. With the right desktop screen recorder or webcam recording software, you can send people personalized introductions or messages even if you can’t get in the same room at the same time. Sales teams often use these tools for prospecting, for personalized follow up messages, for thank you messages and more.

Even marketing teams often use this type of software in their video email campaigns. Recruiters also often use it to personalize the recruitment process and to show top talent recognition – which itself is a major contributing factor to their job decision.

All told, these types of videos are great because they allow you to personalize your outreach, standing out in a crowded inbox in a way that people can’t help but pay attention to. Likewise, you get all of the benefits of video communication, but in the form of something that you can easily send in an email so your recipient can watch it on their own time.

These videos go a long way towards building trust and providing top notch customer service as well.

With Covideo, you can easily record these videos whenever you want and send them out just as fast. What makes this type of content so great is that when you send them in an email, a visual of your video will appear in the body of the message in a way that can’t help but increase engagement. When your recipient clicks on the video, they will then be directed to a branded landing page with your video, your contact information and the types of clickable links that are often used as calls to action or so that people can see more resources.

Screen Recorder with Audio

It’s important to note that Covideo is also a video recorder free option AND a screen recorder with audio – meaning that you can record yourself, your screen or both as the situation calls for it. While at times you may just need to record your screen, or use your webcam, sometimes it makes sense to show your webcam and your screen at the same time. This type of online audio recorder is particularly helpful during presentations, for example, or for when you’re going over a document and you want to explain visuals all while still getting that critical face time. Face time is a very important concept in the world of sales, after all.

Covideo easily allows you to do all of this at once, making it one of the best free video recording software options on the market. The audio is always included in screen recordings, webcam recordings or both. Likewise, you can get started with your Covideo experience instantly thanks to our free seven day trial – all with no credit card required. Those are the types of benefits you just won’t get with a standard webcam video recorder or online voice recorder.

How to Screen Record (Webcam, Screen, or Both)

Thanks to Covideo, the process of how to capture screen video couldn’t be more straightforward – regardless of whether you’re using Windows or Mac, or you’re on a laptop or desktop. That’s another one of the many reasons why Covideo is among the best screen recording software options out there.

To get the most out of your Covideo experience, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Go to and log into your account.
  2. When you’re ready, click the red “Record” button on the upper right hand side of the screen.
  3. Select the option that lines up with how you want to record. You can record yourself and your screen (Screen + Cam), only your screen or only your cam. If you want to record just yourself, click once on “Cam Only” and a video window will appear. Make sure your browser allows Covideo to access your camera for the best results!
  4. Click once on the red “Record” button to begin the countdown. Note that if you’re using an option that includes your screen, your video will begin as soon as you press “Share.”
  5. Start recording after the countdown. You will always have the option to pause your video, to stop sharing or to finish.
  6. Press “Play” to preview your video.
  7. Click “Save Recording” to upload your video to your library. If you want to start over, you can always do so by clicking the “Delete” option.

Start with a Free Online Screen Recorder

Once you have the ability to screen record and use a webcam, you will undoubtedly start using it almost every single day. The use cases are simply limitless once the best screen capture software and best video capture software is at your disposal. And when the process is as simple as it is with Covideo, you’ll also use it more because it’s a great way to relay information and get the benefits of video at all times.

So be sure to take advantage of our free trial to get full access to Covideo for seven days to test it out. It’s 100% free and you won’t have to put in any sort of payment method, so you can always try it out and see if you like the best video recording software before purchasing.


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