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Why Are People Still Using Outlook?

While Gmail is still the number one email service for most users, it’s rival Outlook is seriously climbing it’s way up.

From the business point of view, Office 365 is the right choice to keep their organizations productive and satisfied due to a few flaws in Gmail. Whether you are a Gmail or Outlook user, one thing is for sure: emails are the most effective and the most common communication tool in the business world.

Why should I use Outlook?

A few years ago, when you were thinking of emails, you were probably imaging a long text on a white background that sometimes requested a lot of concentration and too much scrolling down your screen. Nowadays, email creators are doing their best to deliver emails that are more visually appealing and engaging. One way to create emails that will catch an eye of the recipient is by integrating video into your emails.

When it comes to video, what does Outlook offer to its users?

Email, calendar and contacts integration in Outlook

When you arrive at your office, after turning on your computer, what is the first thing you open?

Your email inbox, of course.

Outlook is the place where people communicate effectively to be more productive and get things done. Setup meetings, finding more information about a contact, dialing into conference calls or jump onto online meetings: Outlook is the answer for all of that. Everything that you need is already waiting for you in your Outlook. All you have to do is use it, which most Outlook users are doing on a daily basis.

Your Outlook inbox

So, how can you be a little bit different and show your contacts how much valuable email communication is to you? You probably can’t even count all those times when searching your inbox helped you recall important information you would probably forget if you heard it in person.

Why not record a video invitation for a meeting or a meeting reminder? Wouldn’t you like to receive such an email where your partner is taking it’s time to show you that he is looking forward to having a meeting with you? Besides, you will be able to deliver the complete message – gestures, the tone and everything that texted email lacks.

Are your organizing your Outlook emails?

Daily communication will probably gather too much email messages in your inbox. This is why organizing inbox is something most Outlook users will highlight as it’s the strongest advantage when comparing it to Gmail. Some users sort their folders alphabetically, others don’t.

Working on multiple projects at the same time can make your inbox look messy, and you could waste a lot of your time searching for documents you need at that moment.

With Outlook, users can assign categories to various items such as message, calendar appointment, task, etc. You can even color-code your categories! This helps users see how they spend their time across different areas by the color of the events. You will save a lot of your time by organizing your communication.  Don’t we all agree that time-saving things are of great value in the business?

Maybe you should think about slowly replacing all your texted emails with video emails? Recording short videos with a clear message will provide the recipient will all the information he needs.

Adding personalization to Outlook communication

The one thing that affects the communication value is what is the level of its personalization.

If you ask Sales what’s the hardest way of communication, probably everyone will say cold calls and cold emails. Why is that so? Well, for communication to become a conversation, it is crucial that all the parts show interest in participation. With cold calls and emails, the problem is that only one side is interested.

Thinking about integrating video into your communication, whether it is for sales, internal or any external communication? The video is the most personalized tool because it shows who is behind that email. You will see how does he or she feel about it. Sending a video to your audience will give them more information than you could write about in an email.

Covideo and Outlook

There are many ways to integrate video into Outlook, and one of them is Covideo Outlook Add-in.

It’s integrated directly into your Outlook account so that you can create and send video emails to your contacts. With your Covideo account, you don’t have to worry about having videos in one place, and your email storage in the other. After you plugged it in, just click on the Covideo toolbar within Outlook. You can even use your previously recorded videos from your Covideo Library or immediately respond to incoming emails with video. Once you send your video email out, you’ll be able to track to see when and how many times it is opened – and adjust your follow up and future email videos accordingly.

Texted emails will provide you with hardly any analytics. The great thing about Covideo is that you don’t have to search for ways to get feedback. Everything is just one click away! Using video emails platforms like this will save your time and increase the effectiveness of your communication.

If words aren’t enough, check our video about Covideo Outlook Add-In:

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