Deliver An Outstanding Customer Experience With Video

Customer experience is becoming a top priority for businesses, which means many companies are focusing on providing their customers with exceptional care and service.
Today, when there is a massive stream of services available, providing a great customer experience is what distinguishes you from the rest. 
People don’t base their loyalty on price or product only. They stay loyal to the people that offer the experience the way they want.
Here is how to provide your current and new clients with a fantastic customer experience using video. 


Recent relevant statistics bring us the following info:
Salesforce brings us data about 67% of consumers and 74% of business buyers saying they’ll pay more for a great experience.
Temkin’s Ultimate CX Infographic tells us that loyal customers are seven times as likely to test an offer, five times as likely to buy again and four times as likely to refer. 
95% of customers tell others about a bad experience, and 87% share good experiences, claims Zendesk.
SuperOffice brings us the following data:
73% of buyers point to customer experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions.
65% of buyers find a positive experience with a brand to be more influential than great advertising.
A Walker study claims that by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.
So, what is necessary to provide your clients with an outstanding customer experience?
How can video help you with that?

1. Know your product

Before you begin to sell your product, you should learn everything about it.
You need to know what you’re selling – inside and out, along with all other relevant details.
Before you even face your customers, you need to be familiar with how everything works.
You should also be aware of all the frequent questions your customers ask and learn how to articulate the answers.
Creating a FAQ video email where you list the top five most asked questions along with their adequately addressed answers might be an excellent way to go.
Moreover, you can create a short video where you present and showcase your product in details.
Be transparent – show all the essential features in front of the camera, so your customers and prospects can immediately see what they’re going to get.
If you’re working in the SaaS industry, screen sharing or video tutorials will serve as a great help to your clients.
That way, they’ll have everything they need to know about your service in the engaging format of video email.

2. Be kind to your customers

People aren’t lying when they say that customer service begins with a smile.
Leaving a good first impression is a must.
Warm greetings are essential when dealing with people, but it has an even stronger note when you’re dealing with your clients.
However, sometimes your clients do not always live near you, and you might not even have an actual store or any other physical location where you can meet them.
How do you handle things when a phone call or an email is your primary communication channel?
How do you get rid of that dull and cold email feeling?
Send a warm video email.
Greet your prospects with a smile and a warm greeting in your short video.
Let them know you’re at their service and when you’re available to chat or talk.
That way, you’ll diminish the long distance barriers and make yourself appear more close, more familiar, and more human.

Video email works even better when personalized.
It won’t take you long to create a dedicated video email for your customer who’s maybe 1,000 miles away from you, but the effect will be the same as if you’ve just shaken hands in person.

3. Be available and responsive 

When your customers are in need, they must always be responded adequately and in a priority-based manner. Situations like these can be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker.
You might have a fantastic product, but if your customer service isn’t helpful or reliable when your clients need it, you’ll eventually lose them.
To resolve their issues, make sure to take some time and connect with them.
Set up a video call to personally address the problem.
Try to learn the nature of their difficulty, listen to their opinion, be helpful, and don’t be afraid to go out of your way to resolve it.
Discuss the issue with your colleagues if necessary, do a little research, offer explanations, and work with them towards a solution.
If the problem persists, at least you’ll have a customer who knows you’ve done everything you could to help them.
You’ll be the bright highlight of a negative situation, and that can only bring you good.

4. Know your customers

Did you know that your customers love personalization?
They cherish being recognized as part of a team, but also as an individual. That’s why you’ll need to get to know your customers.
How do you do that? With listening.
Listening is one of the oldest tricks of customer service. Moreover, if you have a video call, or if they send you a video email, pay attention to not only what they are saying, but also to their non-verbal communication.  Their tone of voice or body language can express if they are concerned or displeased, even if their words don’t, so stay alert.
Getting to know them also means you’ll need to remember their name, evoke previous conversations, and sometimes include the tiny, but essential details, such as birthdays, or cooperation anniversaries.
Customer service is a field which can involve emotions, so make sure to set a primary goal of making your customer happy.

5. Ask for their feedback (and use it!)

You can learn a lot about your customers if you ask them for feedback.
If they’ve been using your service or product for a while, the perfect way to learn about their thoughts and needs is to get in touch and ask them how satisfied they are.
Remember: when asking for feedback, try to focus on them, not solely on your product. 
Learn how are they making a difference with your product, what concerns have they resolved with it, are there any issues you need to take care of and go through all of their other points of interests.
You can ask for feedback through various customer surveys or feedback forms, but if you want to use that in your future presentation, it would be good to ask your clients for a video testimonial.
Encourage them to record a short video where they’ll explain their satisfaction with your services, and have them send it over to you.
Once you get the feedback, ask for their permission, and use it for your future marketing and sales endeavors. You can regularly update your social media channels with the recent feedback to give more in-depth insight into real customer experience to your prospects.

To conclude:

Excellent customer experience is more crucial than ever.
It’s the key that makes your customers stay loyal to your business, and that gives you a good and solid reputation.
Your product may be a lifesaver, but if you don’t offer help and your team isn’t a pleasure to work with, you’ll slowly lose your clients.
The most important thing is to treat your current clients & prospects not only as leads but as people.
Humanize yourself, humanize the customer experience and make your customers stay.

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