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Progress Not Perfection

This is for the people that are just getting started with using video as a communication tool. There seems to be a common initial obstacle among them! As they start recording, they have a feeling they have to record the perfect video that has TV quality production.

Focus on progress

People want to wait until all of the elements are coming in together whether they want their website to be perfectly updated, to have their makeup and hair done, to be wearing a nice shirt, to have the perfect lighting, etc. Our recommendation is to get passed that because one of the main goals of using video as a  communication tool is to communicate better with your leads and current customers. Focus on progress rather than perfection. People buy from people. Let your personality shine in the video and connect with people on a personal level rather than focusing on small details.

There is no perfect video!

This is why you have to get over some of these vanities. Once you do, you can really push through it and start to see some results. The idea of perfection should be out of your way and you should think about the motto: Progress not perfection! There is no perfect video! If you are maybe struggling with doing your first video or getting back in the game, think of this as a practice. The more you do it, the more you will feel comfortable doing it. Don’t aim for perfection, aim for your business success. However, check out our video on some of the top mistakes that are easy to avoid!

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