Video Tricks for Insurance Agents

In the era of video communication, it’s not enough just to use video as a communication tool. The secret to competitive advantage is in the way you utilize video as your communication tool or even better – the way you utilize a video platform. A valid video communication platform will give you everything you need to make that first click between you and your client, and also give you the feedback you need to improve. There are many ways in which your video platform can help you in reaching your customers, but focusing on your video strategy is your first move. Here are a few steps on how you can create your personalized insurance videos.

#1 Introduce yourself the right way

As an insurance agent, your goal is to sell the policies your company has in its offer. Your future clients don’t care about your company nor your success as an insurance agent. They want to buy from you. This can be achieved with a strong ”human-to-human” connection. So, when you get your next inquiry from your clients, remind yourself that the most personal medium for communication is video. You can start by introducing yourself in your personalized video and let your viewers get to know you better. Your first contact should be casual for you and your clients. By communicating via video, you are helping them put a face to the name and making it easier and faster for you to gain credibility and appreciation. 

#2 Personalize your video

Make your existing and potential clients feel special with your personalized insurance videos. By saying their name at the beginning of the video, you will draw their attention and get them interested in what you have to say. Every client is special and every client has special needs. To show them that you understand what their needs are, you will have to modify your communication style to them. This will show them you have their best interest at heart. Personalizing these kinds of experiences will give your clients the connection they are looking for.

#3 Be prepared for frequent questions

Be aware that the policies you offer may be complicated to understand. Your customers don’t like to read long confusing texts and would rather have someone give them short explanations. Be prepared to have all the answers ready for them. If you have frequently asked questions, we recommend recording generic videos that can explain certain policies and services in detail. This will save you time and make it easier for your customers to understand what you offer. You can also record videos which demonstrate states of emergency and how your customers should react to certain emergency situations. 

#4 Keep it short and simple (K.I.S.S.)

Remember to K.I.S.S. No one has the patience to watch a long video. If your video is informative, don’t make it longer than 5-6 minutes. Avoid complicated language and terms that most of your viewers might not understand. Single out the main points and keep it authentic. If you can make the video shorter than 5 minutes, even better.

#5 Honesty is the best policy

You are selling “security” and the price of security is impossible to determine. This is why many people are skeptical when it comes to purchasing insurance! They don’t know if it will pay off in the future. Also, make sure to back up any claims and mention everything you think may be of concern to your clients. If you are honest and clear with your offers, you will gain your customers’ respect. Moreover, they will know that anything they purchase from you will be validated. With video, you can give your customers all the information they request in a short period of time.

”You are selling “security” and the price of security is impossible to determine.”

#6 Include a call to action

Also, you can tell your customers where you want to take them after watching your personalized insurance videos. Add exit links to your video to direct them or let them know if you need extra information from them. You can also add exit links that will drive potential customers to your website. Furthermore, you can even choose your own website as your video’s landing page. Successful agents usually include a call to action by directing their viewers to contact them.

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