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Which email message would you prefer to see in your inbox?

Option 1: “Hi Sarah, my name is Kendall and I’m a Support Representative at Covideo. I wanted to reach out and tell you we are so excited that you decided to sign up for our 14 day free trial. I attached some helpful articles about how to get started. Please don’t hesitate to reach if you have any questions.


Option 2:

If you’re like 77% of business professionals, then you’ll prefer the personalized video opposed to a plain-text response. This is because personalization provides a memorable and positive buyer experience. A recipient of a video email, like the one above, is more likely to stick around because they feel recognized and appreciated. 

Although the message above caters towards customer service, professionals from various industries are using video to personalize their communication. The face-to-face communication not only offers non-verbal communication, but allows for a more personal connection. Eye contact, tone of voice, and body language help a recipient better understand your message and see the person behind the message. Video is the perfect medium to create personalized messages. In this blog, I’m going to break down our personalized video platform and discuss the ways you and use personalized video as a service. 

Personalized Video Message

Personalized videos are one-off messages that are designed for an individual rather than a massed produced video for social media or large audiences. The goal of these videos are to stand out in the inbox, build connections, and develop relationships.  

Covideo is a personalized video software that allows you to record, share, and track your video messages. That’s right, you no longer have to Google, “how to send a video through email” or better yet, there’s no need to compress any files or add attachments. With Covideo, your videos are packaged in a customizable template, with call-to-action buttons, that are delivered straight to your recipient’s inbox in a seamless fashion. Intrigued? Great, I’ll keep going.

With Covideo, you have the option to create personalized videos online or download our personalized video app. Our mobile app is perfect for those situations when you want to quickly record and send  a video on-the-go, rather than from your computer.

Recording and sending  personalized videos to your prospects and customers sets you  apart from your competition and leaves a lasting impression. Why? Because communicating with your audience in a personal fashion means you’re likely to build a connection with that individual, stronger rapport leads to better outcomes and generates referrals.

Personalized Video Examples

Cold Introduction Video Emails

Cold calling is hard enough. Sales professionals make the process a bit easier by sending  video emails to introduce themselves or follow up with someone after a call. Putting a face to the name builds trust and humanizes the sales process. 

Internal Communication

Sending a wall of text to your coworkers is neither effective nor engaging. Use a video message to provide product updates,  introduce a new employee, or to celebrate a win! 

Thank You Videos 

Thank you videos are a classy business practice that help nurture your established relationships. Upgrade your old thank you emails with a video! Your recipient will be impressed by your effort and will feel more valued. 

How to Create Personalized Videos

Before you start thinking that creating video messages are going to drain your wallet– hold up! With Covideo, sign up to create personalized videos, free for 14 days. Through our 2 week free trial you’ll have access to our mobile app, Outlook and Chrome extensions, and features like video reply so you can receive personalized interactive videos. The amount of videos you can create during this time are endless! 

Want to learn more about personalized video software?

Reach out to one of our video experts to learn more about how personalized video messages could impact your business. From there, they can demonstrate how to send video emails to individuals or even mass personalized videos through your CRM or through our website.

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