This Is Why You Don’t Have Top Quality Staff

While most employees find the job hunting process intimidating, they are far from imagining that recruiters have it easy. Employers want the best, high-quality talent for their buck, but how do you attract them? There is a great chance that your competition has similar goals when it comes to hiring new staff. Even the birds on the trees know by now that creating strong connections with people will make you stand out in the internet era. While everybody else is staring at their phones and trying to send shorter written messages to save time, maybe you could do the complete opposite? Be that person that stands out from the crowd. Maybe you could even erase those words and send out personalized videos as part of your recruitment process?

1. Communicating your message

Video emailing is probably the best thing that has happened as part of this new video trend. It helps you get the message out there. It really allows you to stand out because it’s the next best thing to meeting people in person. Except it saves time, money, and sometimes even awkwardness. It is a proven fact that communicating your message through video will make the recipient feel like they know you. So, why do you need personalized videos in recruitment? Let’s say, for example, there is a career fair happening at the moment and you just found your favorite candidate. Everything is perfect. You fell in love, the chemistry is there, the candidate’s skills are impeccable, and basically, you want to get married. But, how to propose? This person is a catch and it’s most likely that other companies are trying to hire them as well.

So, while they are stuck writing a “Thank you. We would like to invite you to an interview“ email, you can just turn on your camera and say “ Hi, Jeff, I loved our talk the other day. Please have dinner with me. I’ll pick you up at 8.” Okay, probably not those exact words, but you can say “Hello, Jeff, I loved our talk the other day and would like you to come to our office for the second round of interviews.” The candidate will have a chance to separate your email from the rest of the job proposals they received. This will definitely improve your chances of getting your second date! Using a recruitment software such as TalentLyft can help you manage your applications and interact with your candidates more effectively. Use it to send your personalized videos in recruitment!

2. One step closer to your candidate’s heart

Apart from showing your loving personality and giving careness to the candidate, a video message will allow them to get a close look at the work atmosphere. Feel free to show them your office space or even introduce them to another team member that will be attending the interview. Introducing the candidate to the company culture before they are actually inside the company will generate cozy feelings towards the offered job position. You know that feeling when you know somebody briefly but it, kind of, feels like you’ve known them your whole life? That is the kind of connection you will be creating and you’re one step closer to getting hitched!

3. Is anybody listening? 

But, what if you have a big heart and fell in love with multiple candidates? The same process applies to more candidates, but the cool thing about Covideo is that it has a tracking system that shows you how many people have viewed your video and how well they’re engaged with your message. It will show how many times a person has viewed it and that helps determine whether they are interested or not. (This information can be useful when creating an offer if you know what I mean). Additionally, the dashboard will show which part of the video has been viewed and how many times.

Some recipients will view a particular part of the video more times. In other words, you will know what information they find the most important in this video and that information will help you when you communicate with them next time. This kind of information is priceless when you are looking for someone who will improve your work environment with their skills and personality.

Personalized videos in recruitment: Don’t be shy

The tracking system is really your virtual consultant on what is important in your videos. Also, it shows how your messages are being accepted. Moreover, they reveal when you have done a really good job communicating. Even if you haven’t, don’t be shy. The tracking system analysis will help pinpoint spots for improvement.

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