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Reach 'Lost Customers' With Second-Chance Marketing

In any sales funnel there are potential customers who fall away without buying. The reasons are varied but the result is the same – no sale.
Unless a prospect has given a clear NO (purchased elsewhere), I believe many businesses do themselves a disservice by not revisiting these ‘lost customers’ with a second, and different approach.

Shorten It Up
Let’s face it, inboxes are flooded with promotional emails every day and people don’t have time to wade through long, wordy sales pitches or vague references to savings. To re-engage so-called ‘lost’ customers, consider sending shorter video emails that quickly get to the point. Think in terms of text messaging or social media posts where characters are at a premium.  Ask a question,  present a solution, or make a tempting and time-sensitive offer to pique interest.  Then complement your videos with simple and concise subject lines that tell, but don’t oversell. Your video content needs to meet or exceed subject line expectations for you to have a chance of re-engaging the viewer.
Test It Out
Use A/B testing to determine which subject lines have the best open rates and combine them with videos having the highest view rate.  Be patient. Chances are, you won’t hit on a winning combination the first time out, but you will gain valuable data for the next test.  Weed out non-productive material until you have a refined follow-up system that works consistently.
Be Agressive
Consider making less profitable deals in the interest of volume.  The goal is to break the ice with an initial sale. Once a purchase is made, your business will have ample opportunity to provide the quality products, services, support and pricing needed to retain these second-chance customers.
Jamie Bidwell is a team member at Covideo provides video email software that helps companies build relationships quickly and reinforce their brands more effectively with easy-to-make video emails that truly communicate.

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