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Move in on the First Date

Creating real estate videos is becoming an inevitable part of its marketing.

It strengthens the relationship company or a professional has with its customers. Furthermore, it establishes and nurtures the brand identity, and finally, it improves business performance. Also, video marketing helps you to become more visible as a real estate agent in front of your audience. Creating and sharing videos will remind your existing and potential clients that you are here to present them the property of their dreams.

Where are the agents? 

Did you know that 85% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a real estate agent offering to do a video? We can say that home buyers and sellers are aware of the power video has in processes like this, but can we say the same for the agents? No agent can allow himself anymore to hide behind the name of his company while his competitors are already showing their faces and personalities in dynamic and creative videos. The price is just too high!

Video communication = faster selling

There is no point in talking about how video helps you make a great first impression. Real estate agents are now enjoying one more benefit of using video communication – faster property selling.

Recording teaser real estate videos of new listings and sharing them with your contacts through email or social media accounts will save your time of meeting each client and giving him a property walkaround. This way you will easily exclude the ones that are not interested in the property just by watching the video presentation. The ones that will be intrigued by your video will already have a general idea of how the property looks like and what additional information they need from you.

Don’t forget to have fun with your real estate videos!

Besides informative, real estate videos should be fun to watch too. Create fun and interesting videos which will involve buyers and sellers with your agency. Create interviews with the sellers and let them tell your potential clients more about the property. For example, they can name the things they enjoyed the most when living in that neighborhood. They can even give them ideas on how to spend their free time at home. Why don’t you record yourself walking down that street and present the viewers with an ordinary day? Give them a chance to get as much information as possible.

Start recording your videos

Sharing information with clients through real estate videos will help you see who is interested and who is not. Also, you will know who will spend more time learning about this property and who will search for something else. Saving your time by giving a lot of information will save your other resources as well. Don’t waste any more time! Start preparing your video strategy that will provide your clients with the best property options from the beginning.

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