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Delight your buyers with real estate video ideas

From property walkthroughs to follow-ups & testimonials, send videos that build trust, strengthen connections, and sell more homes.

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5 real estate video ideas to record

Use video throughout the full buying process, from gaining a client to closing a sale.

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Delight customers with personalized experiences that keep them coming back and telling others. Reduce the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding by providing a visual demonstration with a detailed explanation in video format.

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Enhance the buying process with video.

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Real Estate Video Ideas

If you’re looking for some creative ideas and new ways to spice up your real estate selling strategies, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll review some new strategies and ideas on how to use all types of videos for real estate. Specifically, we’ll go over:

  • Video marketing for real estate agents
  • How to make realtor videos
  • Ideas for real estate videos
  • Recording the best walkthrough property video

What is real estate video marketing?

Marketing videos for realtors have been growing in popularity! But how exactly can you incorporate it into your strategies? Essentially, realtors can use video content to promote real estate listing videos, you can use videos to introduce yourself to your buyers, and even record walk-throughs of your properties. Buying a house is a very big and personal decision. It can be a stressful process so an agent’s duty is to make it as seamless and enjoyable as possible, while helping them along the way.

Statistics show that real estate listings that include video receive 403% more inquiries than listings without a video, so does video help sell real estate? Yes it does! People are drawn to videos for a number of reasons. Realtor videos for marketing are significantly more engaging and can set you apart from competitors. Videos can give people a real-life glimpse of what to expect when they’re buying. There are a few different types of marketing videos used commonly in real estate. These types of videos include property listings, introduction videos, walkthroughs, neighborhood videos, and follow ups. You can even write some real estate video marketing scripts to help perfect your selling strategies.


How to make real estate videos

What you need to make real estate agent videos complete depends on the type of video that you want to create, which depends on how you want to use them. Different types of real estate videos have different styles. For example, social media videos are typically sleek, professional, and tend to be more creative. Therefore, you’d need a tool that specializes in creative real estate videos. These types of real estate video clips are typically promotional videos intended for a larger audience and are used to gain traction for a specific house, agency, or a new listing. They require a professional videographer and can take more time, money, and energy.

Another popular type of video that agents use is one that is more personalized. Personalized videos tend to be created for more specific audiences and are meant to be viewed by individuals or smaller groups of people. These types of videos are usually more raw and real and are used for one-off purposes. Likewise, you can create personalized home listing videos, follow-up videos, and more! These types of clips are becoming more common and popular because they are affordable, easy to record, and have great outcomes. Personalized videos benefit both the real estate agent and the home buyer and can help build stronger relationships with visible results. A video message platform like Covideo makes it easy to record and send these types of videos. You can record from your phone when you’re on the go using our mobile app and you can even merge videos together, add captions, and more. When you use Covideo to create videos for real estate you can track them to see when they’re video, who viewed them, and even how often they’re viewed to fully gauge a client’s interest in a home.


Real estate video ideas

We’ve put together the top 5 videos you should be using in your real estate strategy. These types of videos can serve as video marketing ideas for real estate agents and can be used as video content for realtors.

  • Introduction Videos – Introduction videos are a great way to personalize your approach with a client. The perfect real estate introduction video script will help you connect with potential buyers in a more personal way, put a face to your name, and can also lay out the next steps for your client.
  • Property walk through video – Property walk around videos are one of the most common real estate video topics. These videos can help your buyers actually ‘experience’ what the house would feel like if they were actually there. You can use these videos to highlight your listing’s most positive features.
  • Neighborhood tour videos – The best real estate listing videos also have neighborhood tour videos. They can actually boost your clients’ interest in a listing and help them get a better feel for what that particular neighborhood and area feel like.
  • Testimonials – People are a lot more likely to watch a video testimonial than read a written review. Video testimonials serve as great marketing content and can help authenticate your business by providing credibility!
  • Thank you videos – You can use thank you videos to ask your clients to leave a review or even mention your business’ referral program. You can use call to actions on your thank you videos to direct next steps for your buyers as well.

Mastering the real estate walkthrough video

A real estate walkthrough video can help you showcase your listing in a more professional but also personal way. Videos of a listing can highlight so many more details than an ordinary set of pictures. Real estate agents can use walkthrough videos to record a personalized tour of a house and highlight any distinguishing features and elements. In these videos, real estate agents can also share more information about the house, like how many beds and baths it has, what condition the house is in, and more. Clients can get a better glimpse of the property without the inconvenience of having to actually go there.

This is great because of the current climate of the housing marketing, where the buyer may not be able to visit the property before putting down an offer. This can be because your client is out of town or they want to save some time and see if it’s the right fit before scheduling a tour. Regardless of the reason, property videos for estate agents are essential. The best real estate property videos are a great way for agents to provide top notch service to buyers. Below, we’ve listed some real estate video tips about how to record the best property videos.

  • Use light – The more natural light you use in your video the better! Natural lighting is the most flattering when showing off a property.
  • Record in landscape mode – Recording in landscape can get more of the room in the video and helps your buyer get a better idea of the layout of the house.
  • Keep the camera stable – Shaky footage can be distracting for a viewer, keeping your camera stable can help avoid that.
  • Personalize your video – Create a strong connection for your buyer by starting the video off with yourself and help put a face to a name. Take it a step further and add some call to action for real estate agent connection pathways to ensure that your client knows how to contact you.


Start recording real estate videos today

We hope we’ve convinced you about how crucial and essential real estate videos can be to your selling strategy. These videos can help you build stronger relationships with clients, personalize your approach, and best of all, sell more houses! Real estate videos have so many benefits, they can help show off your property in so many new different angles and perspectives and they can also provide a lot of additional information.

If you’re still unsure, here at Covideo we can help you come up with some real estate video content ideas and show you how we tackle real estate video hosting. With Covideo, you can use video recording software free of charge with all of our standard features to see what it’s all about. Start a free trial to kickstart using video in your real estate selling strategy; no credit card required! Learn more about our demo now!


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