How to Use Video in Recruitment

Searching for a new job can be a very stressful experience, but don’t think for a second that this process is easy for the ones who are on the other side of the table – recruiters. Whether you are working in a recruitment agency or a company’s HR department, finding the right candidate is sometimes extremely challenging and time-consuming. To deliver the requested top talent to companies, recruiters have focused on getting the best tools that will ease this process and guarantee the best quality. This is why video in recruitment is being used more and more. Recruiters use it from the introduction phase to the offer and on-boarding phases. Here are 5 ways to integrate video into your recruiting process.

1. Video for job advertisements

Use video in recruitment when promoting open job positions to effectively communicate your company’s expectations and let your candidates take a peek behind the curtains to learn more about their potential workplace. Not only can you record yourself explaining all the requirements and conditions for this position, but you can also record a “day in the office” video. Show them how a regular day at the office looks like and ask them for feedback. These kinds of videos resonate well with candidates, compelling them to apply when they feel it’s a right fit. It is also important to note that videos help increase your SEO. Using a good recruiting software for managing your recruitment process, such as TalentLyft, is another benefit which will definitely simplify your hiring process. 

2. Communication with candidates

Don’t you think your applicants would appreciate it if they submitted their resume and immediately got a reply from you? It would be even better if that reply would be a video of yourself thanking them for their interest. You can also include a message from the company’s CEO or explain the next steps in the hiring process. Integrating video into emails will definitely improve communication with your candidates. Don’t forget to ask your job applicants to send you a video reply. Their video can give you a better feeling if this person is a good fit for the company.

Don’t forget that a little thank you goes a long way.

3. Long-distance candidates

More and more people are now searching for jobs outside of their current location, so distance should no longer be an obstacle in today’s digitally connected world. The good news is that video in recruitment enables you to consider those applicants who applied, but would have to travel a few hours just to be interviewed by you. A video makes long-distance interviewing economical and easy. If you are short on time, you can also ask your candidates to answer a list of questions via recorded video. You can share these videos with other team members who are part of the hiring process, too.

4. Manage your candidate base

You probably already have your own database of candidates who applied for previous job positions. When you have a new opening, you can record a video and send it to them. Not only will they be glad to hear from you again, but you will also add a personal touch to your communication and encourage them to apply again. So next time a new position opens up, show your previous candidates that you haven’t forgotten about them. This will help you establish long-term relationships with people who want to work in your company. This way you will let them know that you value their efforts.

5. Recruiting across social channels

Use video in recruitment to expand your reach across social networks. Share employment videos via every social account you have. Don’t forget to invite those who fit the role to send their resume to you or better yet, to send their videos where they introduce themselves. Sharing on social media will encourage viewers to share videos with their peers, extending your reach across multiple networks.

To wrap it up…

There are many other ways to integrate videos into the recruitment process. However, whatever you do, don’t forget the last phase – informing the right candidate that he got the job. Don’t forget to say “Thank you” via video to the other candidates that applied as well. They would definitely appreciate it if you took the time to thank them for participating. You could also invite them to keep track of your job postings and to reach out next time they think they fit the description. Remember, something as personal as a job interview should be personal on all levels. Finally, let your candidates know your personality and give them a chance to share theirs with you!

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