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The #1 Way To Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

Ok, so if you read our blog post – Unsubscribe: A Must-Have for Mass Email Marketing – you’ve either added an unsubscribe/opt-out button to your emails or patted yourself on the back for already having it. Well done!

How to nurture relationships?

Now let’s put aside all the talk about email unsubscribe rates. After we’ve talked about the possibility of a virtual breakup (aka the unsubscribe button), let’s talk about nurturing the relationship. Let’s assume we all know and understand that first and foremost quality content is key. But in relation to this, the best way to reduce your email unsubscribe rate is to SEGMENT YOUR EMAIL LIST. Issues arise when you cast too wide of a net. Instead, send out targeted emails with different messaging/offers that pertain to specific groups/demographics and their interests. When your target audiences see value in the emails you send them, they’re much more unlikely to dump you.

Email marketing checklist

In addition to list segmentation, here’s an awesome Email Marketing Checklist that will help you develop your best possible campaign. (List contributed by SEO & content marketing expert AJ Ghergich during a #BizChats facilitated by

  1. Set Goals
  2. Segment like crazy
  3. Create nurture journeys
  4. Use mobile responsive templates
  5. Nail the subject line
  6. Write copy that speaks to personas
  7. Use a simple CTA
  8. Proof the hell out of everything
  9. Test your campaign on one small segment
  10. Track it
  11. Review & improve for next time

When the breakup still happens

Hopefully, your email is interesting, dynamic and/or helpful enough that your receivers don’t want to opt out. But if you’ve ticked all the above boxes and they still unsubscribe, then it might be an “it’s not you, it’s them” situation. At that point, it’s time to respect the e-breakup and move on because your mama didn’t raise you to be like that clingy ex who just needs to get some damn self-respect! But we digress…
Bonus Tip: If your unsubscribe rates are through the roof, take a second look at your frequency. If possible, offer customized options for how often emails are delivered.

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